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After all of these months Live Journal STILL has pictures of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on its home page. Oh what torture! How can they do this to me? Every time I come to Live Journal I see the blasted cookies and I WANT THEM!!!! I try to tell myself that those particular cookies have either been consumed or are stale beyond belief but my brain just isn't buying it! My mind and my mouth want fresh baked chocolate chip cookies but it just isn't happening.

Well, the temperatures have started to drop and the wind is whipping around. Oh joy!!! Cold NW wind...be still my heart! WU says that it is still 55 in Little Rock but I don't know what the wind chill is and I think it is about 55 at my desk. Brrr!!!

I was telling Steffie who obviously does not read my blog about having reported that the little dog is banned from the back room for having crapped all over the place. She asked if I had REALLY put that on my blog. I gave her a disgruntled look and said, "You don't read my blog, do you?" She then said that she did when I put a link on Facebook at which point I snorted, advised her that I seldom put a link on Facebook and reminded her that my friend who died in October said that I had gotten more mileage out of writing about dog poop than anyone else he had ever met. She then turned a little green and said, "You haven't written about the fact that she poops in the kitchen, have you?" I told her that yes I had. Then she said, "You haven't mentioned that she doesn't go on the pad." Again I answered in the affirmative and I think she wanted to fall through the floor. Steph then said, "People are going to think that is nasty." I said, "It IS nasty and I have advised all of my readers to invest in Lysol and Lysol wipes because I used so much/so many of them." I think that Steph wanted to smack me in the head with a cast iron skillet at this point(if she would do such a thing in the first place) and then shook her head at me.

It is not like my dog crap woes are a secret. I have TOLD her that I have been writing about them in the blog. She has to listen to me bitch about them incessantly. She has the link to my blog. Good grief, for years I have told anyone who would listen that because I had so many urinary tract problems as a child and was so used to people examining my genital area that I could have a pap smear done on the hood of my car at Asher and University(which used to be about the busiest intersection in Little Rock) and not bat an eye. If I am going to tell that to people I barely know if the issue of pap smears, child birth, gynecologists and the like come up in conversation I am going to talk about dog crap woes. Hell, even my mother knows I write about the little dog and her propensity to crap all over the kitchen floor(not that my kitchen is that big but still). Sometimes I think Stephanie does not pay attention to what I am saying. However, on her behalf, if you had to live with me you would tune me out too as a matter of self defense because I tend to talk a LOT. I am a story teller and I have thousands of stories to tell. To me life is an adventure to be lived and then talked about to anyone who will listen. I also listen to other peoples' stories because I find them fascinating but I guess Steffie has some filters she puts on when I am talking. I bet that my mother wouldn't blame her! LOL!!!

So, yes...it is beyond nasty that the little dog craps on the floor. It is even worse having to clean it up all of the time. I do advise any of you who can afford to do so to buy stock in the Lysol company. I use a LOT of Lysol. I also go through mops and paper towels(Bounty) at an astounding rate. I wish the little dog would poop on her pad but she doesn't. I actually wish she would poop outside but she doesn't. I wish I had a genie to clean up the dog poop and mop the floor but I don't. I find this all to be fodder for my blog and it at least amused one person who decided he wanted to be my friend because I am bold enough to write about life as it is lived without a lot of varnish.



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Jan. 21st, 2014 06:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, I laughed hard reading this post! I actually chortled at one point. Too funny!

I totally agree about the chocolate chip cookies. There's no respite, either. As soon as I log in, no matter what page I'm on, LJ takes me where it wants me to go and I have nothing to say about it! And there are those cookies! Damn. They would go well with my coffee.

Is Steffie going to start reading your blog now or is she too mortified? LOL!
Jan. 22nd, 2014 06:50 am (UTC)
Stephanie is mortified and may never forgive me. Do you think that will slow me down? Not a chance! LOL!!!

I guess we will have to hoon about the chocolate chip cookies together.


Ardee-ann who is glad you enjoyed the blog post!
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