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NaBlowWriMo ~ is good to have friends...

You are probably staring at my title like I am some kind of a "num-nut" because, of course, it is good to have friends but you see so very many people tend to take their friends(and family) for granted I wanted to address the joy of having friends for a moment. One's friends do not have to be "real life" friends, virtual friends are most wonderful too. For the older generation who may not fully accept this think back to pen pals you may have had years ago. Do you still remember them fondly? Did you share joy, secrets, sorrows and laughter? Can an old letter bring back a smile of times once forgotten? If so, then you had the early benefit of a "virtual" friend.

Personally I am dreadful at writing letter, notes or even sending cards. Oh, I have the best of intentions. I buy cards with someone in mind and then I lose them or even worse get them written, addressed and stamped only to forget to mail them for even years on end. I have wedding cards for my brother and SIL sitting on my desk. They got married 9/10/11 so I missed getting their cards to them by more than 2 years. Maybe I will get the cards to them for an anniversary and we can all have a good laugh at what a doofus I am.

I am glad to have emails, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with friends and family because I actually do a pretty good job with returning emails, tweets and messages. My friends on line help me to keep my spirits up when times are difficult. In the past several months I have encountered more than one stumbling block and many opportunities for personal growth. Having cheerleaders online and in person help me to keep my chin up even when I just want to hibernate for a while.

To all my friends and family, thank you for being there when I need you and for allowing me to be there for you. It is an honor to be part of your lives.

Ciao! ~ Waltz of the Flowers
Tags: family, friends, gratitude, joy, support, writing
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