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Well, I have so much to say and so little finger power to get it all said with. LOL!!!! First, it is colder than shit outside. Okay, it isn't as bad as it was Thursday evening but holy cow. I want normal Arkansas January back which is in about the 50s during the day and the 30s at night. It is already in the 20s right now. Geez Louise! I should be grateful because I KNOW that in July and August we will pass the century mark and I will whine like a little girl over that too. Some people would just bitch if they were hung with a new rope.

I am now going to discuss writing for a little while. Yes, I know, what a shock! This started out to be a blog about writing and then devolved into a blog about dog poop but don't worry, we will get to that later. Aren't you thrilled? I knew you would be. Anyway, back to writing. I have a good friend, Mercedes Murdock Yardley, who writes dark fantasy and what she calls "whimsical horror." Well, some of her horror is "whimsical" and sometimes she scares me.(I try not to read horror stories and I don't watch horror movies. BTW, old monster movies are NOT horror movies in my book.) Mercedes has written a recent essay on how women are "hardwired" for horror and it makes total sense to me. We deal with horror and gore on a regular basis, many men are immune to things women deal with every day but then in an interview Mercedes had to acknowledge that the "horror genre" is pretty much "a guy's club." While she is correct, I think that bites. Women know a hell of a lot more about horror and how to deal with it than most men ever will, and no I do not apologize to Stephen King on iota. As I have contemplated Mercedes essay and interview I have, almost, come to the decision that I need to write my own horror stories. Oh, I have them by the truckload inside my head. I just haven't ever put them down on paper because they terrify me. I have enough nightmares with them whirling around in my head. If I write them down then I will "make them real." I have to decide if I am ready to do that or not. The deep dark recesses of my imagination are a terrible place to journey. I am not sure what kind of Pandora's Box I might be opening if I venture in and pull anything out. We will see! I truly have a ghastly and vivid imagination. I can also mess with your head so much that you won't know where reality begins and where it ends. The edges get smudgy and blurred. There is nothing whimsical about what ventures about in my dank dark places. I just have to decide if I am ready to throw down the gauntlet or draw a line in the sand. It is very tempting because I don't want future generations of women to feel like they are having to "enter the boy's playroom." I want it to be an open space for us all. Men can write romance and women can write horror there should be no boundaries for anyone. BTW, as I close this paragraph let me give you the link to Mercedes first novel, Nameless: The Darkness Comes(The Bone Angel Trilogy). It is an awesome book. I am ready for book two to be published.  http://www.amazon.com/Nameless-Darkness-Comes-Angel-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00HWLX6RO/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1390886062&sr=1-1&keywords=mercedes+murdock+yardley

Now that I have had my say about writing(for the moment anyway) I will comment on the little dog. She is not happy being locked out of the back room but that doesn't mean that she is making any effort to poop on her pad. The dog KNOWS what the pad is for because she always tinkles on it but poo is a whole different matter. She will be eight in about 10 or so days. I probably should give up hope that she will ever consistently poop on her pad but I am one of those fools for whom hope springs eternal and so I wait in glorious hopes that some day she will grasp the concept and we will live happily ever after. You can't hear me but I am laughing at my delusional last few thoughts in that paragraph.

Zyoh, Steffie's daughter got me a mini-Keurig for Christmas. I may have already mentioned this. You all know that some things slip my mind but only little inconsequential things. If it is important like the name of my first born or when someone acts like a trashy ass I will remember it. That's just how I roll. Anyway, Zyoh came over to help us with some things at the house this weekend and to help us with some grocery shopping. It is hell getting old but I digress from the point of this story. Miss Teffers had told Zyoh more than once about my "coffee bar." Well, in Zyoh's mind I had a few boxes of coffee. Au contraire mon frere, I have done some SERIOUS coffee collecting. These little k-cups come in all kinds of flavors. Most of the flavors were purchased at the grocery store during after Christmas sales with coupons. We also got some Amazon gift cards for Christmas and some of the funds went to buy some k-cups. I bought some assortments just to see what was out there. I haven't met many coffees I don't like so far except a few decafs that came in the assortments. I feel sorry for people who HAVE to drink decaf. I also don't like Green Mountain Coffee's Breakfast Blend which is Steffie's favorite  but hey, I will make sure that she has it on hand.

I am a serious fan of Community Coffee and was so very excited to find out that some of their Christmas time Bread Pudding coffee was still available in k-cups because I (heart) that stuff but my excitement at finding their Carnivale Cake quickly waned after trying it for the first time. The flavor is good enough that I will, of course, drink it all. The taste isn't terrible but it leaves something to be desired.

I have found that I like Caribou Coffee a lot. Their Columbia and Medium Roast are wonderful. Their Mahogany will know your socks off. It is a beautiful dark roast. Yummo.

So that is my coffee update for tonight. I will leave you with He Man singing and jammin' to "Hey, Hey, Hey What's Goin' On." It will change your life. I swear. LOL!!!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyoutEHpPAU ~ He Man or rather Prince Adam rocks out!


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