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Last week a writer friend of mine who shall remain unnamed had a week filled with angst, now she wrote about this on her blog, so I am not giving away any state secrets, no I am talking about something that was published on the worldwide web where god and everyone could read it. I just am not naming names or giving out any links, merely mentioning my friends angst ridden week and her hopes of avoiding another week filled with same. Personally, I think if she would go back and write a sequel to the story about "Sweet Tart" her angst would mysteriously vanish or if she would play with her Smurfs some more or discuss tea as well as wine it would all work out okay. Okay, I was just yanking her chain except maybe about the Smurfs part...that is BOUND to be more fun than knitting but what do I know. I am not a Smurf person nor do I knit but I do drink tea, no fancy teas like she does and I do drink something called "2 Buck Chuck" that she wouldn't be caught dead drinking I am sure. LOL!!!!

Anyway after reading about her "angst-o-rama" week I wished her a zippy wow week. I think we are having one together sort of even though she lives to the far north of me and is probably trying to survive the "polar vortex" that is engulfing the country.

I know I am having a zippy wow week because I am wearing a crazy purple hat to keep my semi-bald head warm and drinking even more of the coffee I wrote about yesterday. Oh yes, btw you do not have to be a coffee drinker to be my friend and I will not un-friend you on Facebook for drinking decaf as long as you don't insist that I drink decaf. I mean if I am at your house somewhere in the Pacific Northwest I will be glad to partake of decaf with you as long as there is plenty of creamer and sugar but if we meet at a restaurant or coffeehouse I will suggest that you drink decaf as per your norm and I will either drink a little ethyl or maybe some iced tea without sugar thank you very much. So we can all be friends, hold hands and sing around the campfire(in appropriate weather)despite having varying differences in what we drink. I mean for example my friend who had the week of angst doesn't drink red wine because it gives her headaches, I can relate, it used to give me headaches too but now I am all about the reds unless we are ponying up for champagne and then well, the bubbly wins hands down and the insane point I am trying to make is that we are still friends having a zippy wow week together even though she prefers sweet white wine to my dry red wines. Diversity is the spice of life.

Did I ever make the point clear in the paragraph above? If not, that's okay sometimes I confuse myself but we are all still friends coffee, no coffee, caf, half caf, decaf, sweetener, no sweetener, plain old water, you get my drift!

So, how about you? Are you having a zippy wow week? Are you knitting anything? Are your chakras in alignment? Are you making glitter paint? Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie 'em in a knot, can you tie 'em in a bow, can you throw them over your shoulder like a Continental soldier, do your ears hang low?

...and with that all I have left to say is...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTSA_sWGM44 ~ The Trololo Song just to make sure you have a zippy wow week! You're welcome!



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