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My dearest little Kimbo turns 8 years old today.(February 15th) BTW, the picture you see is of her tootsies when she was one day old. I just love little baby tootsies. (Her baby sister Jessica was not nearly as cooperative when I tried to get a picture of her tootsies when she was born.)

My son is 36. By the time I was his age I had a child who was going on 16. He was a lot smarter than his mom was. I was too young to be a mother when I took that plunge. He showed wisdom in waiting. Good job Sean! I will also say that he and his lovely wife make beautiful babies. No, I am not biased at all, why do you ask?

Well, besides the fact that my granddaughter is rolling up the odometer I am still busy with watching the Olympics. It has been an awesome week but I am here to tell you that watching all of those events take a lot of energy. Whew! I thought the luge was difficult but riding the skeleton has been a humdinger. We won't even talk about the continued alpine skiing, snowboarding and freestyle skiing. Wowzer! Ice skating is a little easier on me but I often forget to breathe when the skaters are performing their programs. One of this days I am going to smooth pass out!

Winter is leaving Little Rock after tonight for at least a week. It is going to be in the 70s later in the week. This time last week we had a LOT of snow. The weather is crazy.

The Olympics have created a problem between the little dog and I. She thinks that my chair is really her chair. Because we seldom watch television I am not usually in it for very long in the evening and then it is hers to USE not OWN. Well, in her mind the fact that I am so generous with my chair means that she has squatter's rights to it. Au contraire mon frere...it is my chair and she is not willing to accept that fact. She gives me the evil eye every night and is always glad when I finally get out of the chair so that she can take it over for the evening. On the nights that I watch the late night events she gets doubly exasperated with me. I am sure that she will be glad when the Olympics are over with. She doesn't know that in 2016 we will have this little tete a tete again. Ah, life is good with little dogs. LOL!!!!

I hope you had a good Valentine's Day. I did. It was a peaceful at home day and I got a nap. Who can ask for anything more?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlw4B2Bj2og ~ You Say It's Your Birthday by The Beatles


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