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Well, after a day of general naughtiness(dragging her "loaf" of food around the house and pooping in unauthorized places) the little dog jumped off of Steffie's bed(maybe it was her Olympic moment) and hurt her right back leg. I didn't hear her yelp because I am hard of hearing and was in the kitchen but the fact that she was seriously holding her leg up in the, "I have hurt myself" position made it clear that she was injured. We examined her for swelling which was absent. Her hip did not seem to be out of place. I don't think she could have held her leg in that position if she had dislocated her hip but we checked it out anyway. We felt the rest of her leg which did not prompt any yelping or wincing on her part, so we decided to keep an eye on her. Oh, it was painful to watch her trying to get around. She was able to get around the house and take care of "business." She could also get to her food and water. She ate well but we are, of course, still worried.

I helped her to get into my chair. At first she had her injured side upward but then she was lying on it which I saw as a good sign. Later I went, picked her up and held her in my lap for a while. Again I examined her for swelling when was still absent and carefully felt her leg. There was no response to indicate that this was hurting her. I carried her in so she could get a drink of water but she did not want a drink but rather went to Steffie's room and climbed up to get on Steffie's bed. She seemed to do that with no trouble and was not holding her leg up as high as she had been.

Depending on how she is doing tomorrow we may take her to she the vet. I don't think she seriously injured herself. I think that whatever she did really hurt for a while but that things are settling down now. However, if that changes tomorrow...she will be on a trip to see the doctor.

I love that stinky little dog. It has been a difficult night as we have worried mightily about her.



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