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June Flash Fiction

More flash fiction courtesy of my friend FraidyCat and her word Prompts:

June was a heretic, she did not believe in the teachings of the church and loudly proclaimed same to anyone who would listen. As she was considered a nuisance in her small town no one was upset or asked questions when her car was run off a small bridge into a raging river below. June died in that accident and the townspeople wondered what the last thoughts were in her heretic heart and mind.

The local elders of the church found that June's funeral was actionable and they showed up with signs that said things like, "Burn in Hell" and "Do You Believe in God Now." The lack of temperance and dignity on their part was a bit disconcerting.

Despite some raised eyebrows there were those who just couldn't resist protesting at June's funeral and harassing her family even though they were all solid members of the church. The behavior of this protesters was decidedly uncharitable and less than Christian.

Even after June's father asked the protesters to desist they persisted in chanting untoward remarks about June and her beliefs. It was most distressing to June's mother who had not only lost a daughter but found herself losing her faith as the demonstration dragged on.

The demonstrators at June's funeral may have been well schooled in First Amendment rights and biblical passages but they lacked education in common decency and civilized behavior. It really was appalling to see their behavior.

There was a preoccupation among the demonstrators at June's funeral that her family should be made to suffer and "pay" for June's belief system that ran contrary to the members of the church to which June had once belonged and been an active participant.

Finally the sensible and somewhat reliable police chief came through and asked the church elders to disband their rowdy crew and allow June's family to mourn in peace. The elders acquiesced but not without verbalizing their disgust at the chief.

In the end June was buried peacefully but her grave was vandalized the first night. It was a shameful affair.


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