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I haven't been writing in the blog worth a diddly darn. I am going to have to blame it on the back injury and muscle relaxers. I can't sit easily because of the back and the muscle relaxers turn my brain fog into a something even more dense and gooey. Well, that was graphic. It is like my brain is encased in hot tar. Yuck!

Life has been kind of a blur but that will happen when your brain is mucked up. It seems like I eat, sleep, wash dishes, cook, clean up after the little dog, feed the critters and then start all over again. Other housework is involved but the major activities are listed above. Oh, one interesting thing. I had five, count them five items listed on eBay. I sold one. I went to get it. I couldn't find it and in its place was another book that vaguely looked like it. Also in the box were other books that were supposed to have gone to a local charity thrift shop. I believe that I sent the book I sold, the ONLY item I have sold in four months to the charity thrift shop instead of the books that were supposed to have gone there including the book that looks vaguely like the one that I sold. How lovely is that? I wrote to the buyer, apologized, refunded their money and have not heard a word. I wonder if they will leave me negative feedback. I hope not. I feel bad enough about this stupid situation as it is. Oh well, we will see what we will see. This is all the more interesting because I am hoping to get back into selling on eBay. I will have to be more "with it" if I am going to sell again. Sigh!

The little dog has been fairly well behaved of late. I don't know what to think of it. I should just knock on wood and be grateful. Asking questions can lead to trouble, if you know what I mean.

Well, is this about the most snooze inducing blog post you have read in a while. Yeah, well life is just about this exciting. Aren't you jealous? LOL!!!



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