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NaBloWriMo ~ AprilWritingMystery

Well, March was a stellar month for my blogging. I had a hard time sitting still and concentrating due to pain. We will see if April is better, that is why April is now a writing mystery!

March was a rather quiet month. April is not going to be so we shall see what is transmitted from my fingers to my keyboard. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very stormy day. I don't know if I will have power all day or not. We shall see what happens.

I hope that April sees my pain levels decrease. I am quite the bitch when I am in excessive pain. I honestly don't know how Stephanie puts up with me. I think she should be nominated for sainthood.

The little dog has been semi well behaved of late. For some reason she is peeing where she is only partially on the pad. That makes for a lot of extra cleaning which make my back hurt worse which contributes to the bitch aspect of my personality. I honestly don't think she is doing this on purpose but I am not exactly sure what is going on with her. I love the little dog but sometimes I wish she would clean up her own messes if you know what I mean.

I have doctor appointments almost every week this month. I don't have one scheduled for the last week of the month but who knows. I "may get lucky."(That is a joke.)

Today there was a shooting at Ft. Hood. Several people died and even more were injured. I don't know why people think that picking up a gun will solve their problems. My heart goes out to all those involved and really that is everyone associated with Ft. Hood.  When there is a shooting like that in a community everyone feels it in one way or another.

A longtime friend of mine advised me that his partner was hospitalized for PCP pneumonia today. He said that they had known that the hospitalization was inevitable but today turned out to be "the" day that he needed to go. My friend is being optimistic but my heart hurts for him. They have been together for so long. I know that the new AIDS drugs are really good but well, I have lost too many friends to AIDS. Yes, it has been 20 plus years since I have been to the funeral of someone who died as a result of AIDS but still you never forget all of those lost even though so much time has passed. I love my friend dearly. I have known him for almost 35 years now. He has had a very difficult few years. I hope that things turn around for he and his partner soon.

Well, not much else to say really.



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