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Well, today was the day I finally saw the urologist. Stephanie basically had to drag me out of the house kicking and screaming. I was anticipating a painful and somewhat humiliating procedure. Well, I was wrong that didn't happen. I think the painful part probably should have but since it meant the somewhat humiliating part did not I was just as happy to pass on the painful part. My urologist who I have seen before was not nearly as annoying as usual and it was even a pretty decent appointment. That was good too. He thinks that kidney stones could be causing my problem so I have to have a CT scan(two in one really). The only part I really object to about the CT scan is drinking that nasty "schtuff" that they force you to consume. See the worst part about that is that I will be at the appointment by myself so I won't have anyone to piss, moan and whine to as I have to drink that sludge.(Steffie cannot walk the distance from the front door to the Radiology department. I barely can so that is why she won't be with me.)

I did tell Stephanie that I would probably have someone around me commiserate with me for having to drink that vile beverage because they have had to drink it in the past, so I would be able to whine to them. I then told her that if all else failed halfway through drinking that nasty brew I could start throwing a hissy fit and rolling around in the floor which would cause the radiology department to call security and I feel CERTAIN that they would talk to me so I have a plan to have SOMEONE to whine to about this barfy situation no matter what drastic action it might involve. I am very creative. <wicked evil grin>

My mom had an appointment with the eye doctor today. The pressure in her eyes has gone up some more but they aren't starting any drops yet. The doctor wants to see her in eight months. The good news is that her cataracts aren't any worse so she doesn't need surgery yet.

My baby sister is having issues with some rude woman who is/has been allowing her sheep and goats to graze in my sister's field without asking for permission. She just brought them over to let them graze. My sister tried to work this out with the woman but the woman took advantage of my sister's good nature. If you think I can blow a gasket you should see my sister blow one. Holy mackaroli! That woman should not have messed up, that is all I have to say about that.

Little dog has been semi-well behaved. I know that is amazing. I don't know what to think. The other day though Steffie was at my desk working on my computer and the little dog got ten kinds of demanding with her. Well, Steph knew that she had food and couldn't figure out what was up. She finally went to see what the dog wanted. Well, she had pooped and was demanding that Steph clean it up right then. Little dog also stood and "supervised" Steph's job of cleaning up the poop. When Steph told me about it, all I could do was laugh because I had told her that little dog pulled that stunt on me all of the time but she had never done it to Steffie. Steph was not as amused by it as I was but that is because she had to deal with the doings if you know what I mean.

I have a dear friend who is going through a very hard time. It breaks my heart. I understand what she is going through. I have gone through a very similar situation. I hate to see people in pain. I just want to "fix" everything for everyone. Sigh.

Well, this is all I know for now.



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Apr. 19th, 2014 03:52 am (UTC)
Ardee, I'm a little confused by your remark about drinking something for a CT scan. Don't they inject dye instead? Or are you thinking of a barium drink for the upper GI?

::scratches head::

I'm glad there was no humiliation or pain. (There's always time for that another day, right? ;p;p;p)

Your mom's eyes are giving her some grief. I'm sorry about that.

Your sister can blow a gasket better than you do?! I'm shocked. Truly I am. I thought you were the best gasket blower in four counties. ;)

I snorted when I read that the Little Dog supervised Steffie's clean-up. I couldn't help myself!

Plus ---> <3 <3 <3
Apr. 19th, 2014 08:16 am (UTC)
Mer, yes you are confused about the contrast stuff. Yes, I have to drink nasty stuff and THEN they will also be putting an IV in to add more dye. Oh happy day I will be having such a great time. To add to the sheer joy and hilarity of all of this, I am allergic to contrast to they have to pump me full of other drugs too so there are no "undue" complications. Yeah, good times to be had by all. :-P

I think this CT "gunk" is even worse than barium if you can believe such a thing. I have had to consume them both on multiple occasions. GAK!!!!

As for blowing gaskets...it is an art form in my family. Really, it is. All of us are quite good at it. I suppose it is not something to brag about but well we are who we are.

I appreciate the snort. I did too and then I laughed out loud.


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