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I have found myself posting things in Facebook status updates that I would normally put in my blog. Teffers has told me that I should "cut and paste" some of those things into the blog but that feels like cheating. I still might do it anyway, who knows?

I was thinking about doing an informal survey on Facebook about "comfort foods" that made me think about the following story which I will share here on the blog. Tomato soup is one of my comfort foods, especially if it is Campbell's Tomato Soup(this is one place I am picky about brand names)and it is made by my mom. She makes the best tomato soup around. Once when I was sick at age sixish or sevenish, mom made tomato soup for daddy and I. He was puny too. We were sitting in the dining area of our house on Moss Oaks in Houston, Texas, looking out the patio door as I waited for my soup to cool so that I could drink it. Daddy was slowly sipping his soup and as he realized that I hadn't started on mine yet he said that I should blow on it to cool it off. Well, I had a green paper bendy straw in my soup(do you remember when straws were made out of paper instead of plastic)and following my daddy's suggestion I put my straw to my lips and blew. Um, needless to say, hot tomato soup went flying everywhere. I was crying from being burned and even more so because mama and daddy both started fussing at me for making such a mess in the first place. I tried to defend myself by saying that daddy was the one who TOLD me to blow in my soup but this was met with a retort that went something like, "I didn't tell you to blow in it with the "$*##@&^!" straw." Mama cleaned me up but continued to fuss. I think that she was about at her wit's end with a sick child, dealing with "man flu" and now tomato soup all over the table, floor, chair and me. It was a learning experience. I never did blow in hot tomato soup with a straw again and you can be darned sure that daddy never suggested such a thing again.

Despite that traumatic experience Campbell's tomato soup made by mom is still one of my favorite comfort foods. It is followed by Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup(NOT Chicken with Stars, shudder) and Campell's Chicken and Rice soup, also made by mom. All of these soups must also be the condensed kind of soup. I don't care for most soups that just come of of the can that don't need water added, not that I add water to most condensed soups but they are still the kind I want. They have the most flavor. It is probably because they have the most salt in them that I am so fond of the undiluted Campbell's soups.

BTW, I have plenty of other comfort foods that are fine made by someone other than my mom. It is just that those three soups taste the best when mom makes them. That's my story and I am sticking to it.



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