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Well, that amount of writing I have gotten in for April is no longer a mystery. It wasn't much and that is the kindest appraisal I can give it. That being said, there's been a lot going on. I cannot use that as an excuse though. It just is what it is even if that phrase does give some people the jim-jams.

Sunday night several communities in Arkansas were shattered by a killer tornado. There are 15 confirmed deaths. My heart breaks for the families of those who have perished and for the families who have had their entire lives shattered by this brutal storm. We are just fortunate that much of the ground covered by the storm was so very rural that it did not have people living on it. That being said I know that many families depend on being able to sell timber to make ends meet so the lost of timber is costly to them. Also, the destruction of forests and wildlife habitat can be hard to calculate. Will the change in geography lead to flooding? What about potential wildfires? What will happen to the wildlife who depend on the trees, thickets and such that have been destroyed? So much loss, so many questions and yet we all have to trust that there has been a reason for this storm and its aftermath. I honestly don't know how people who do not have faith in a Higher Power cope with such tragedy in their lives.

My family has been so very lucky. I am grateful for this every day.

I hope that you always let those that you care about know just how much you do care and love them. Sometimes family members are not receptive to such messages which makes things difficult but if you can make the effort you will know that you have done your part.



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