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I recently saw a meme on Facebook about We're An American Band being 40 years old but that must be an old meme because I just looked it up and saw that it came out in July 1973. That means We're An American Band by Grand Funk is almost 41 years old and let me tell you that makes me feel really, really old. LOL!!!

The album coming out in 1973 fits more with my memories of the album's release because I remember talking with a co-worker at Dillard's about "Sweet, Sweet Connie." I worked at Dillard's, in the gift wrap department, from right before Mother's Day 1973 until Christmas Eve 1973 when they laid us all off. Thank you Dillard's stay classy. Oh sorry, I digressed. I will tell you though that with Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings and Anniversaries that it was one busy time of the year even before the Christmas traffic hit us so we were working our buns off and Dillard's says thank you by laying us all off without a bonus or anything. Oh yeah, they told us that we were being laid off right in the middle of the day, so we had to work the rest of the shift knowing that when we went home that was it. Like I said, "Stay classy Dillard's."

Anyway, the only thing I really wanted for Christmas that year was the Grand Funk album. Hmm, there may have been one other thing that I asked for but that's another story.

Christmas morning I wake up and am lucky enough to find We're An American Band waiting for me under the Christmas tree. I was surprised to see that the cellophane was not on the album and when I opened the album to look inside I was even more surprised to find out that the boys were NEKKID lying on hay bales. Well, I can tell you that I know my mama saw those NEKKID boys inside the album cover since the cellophane was gone and I was really surprised that she went ahead an got that album for me because well she was kind of a prude.

I found out that there was some discussion with whoever she had gone Christmas shopping with when they found the album(which was the only copy of it in the store)and they opened the cover to see the NEKKID boys lying on the hay bales. Whoever it was that mama was shopping with said that she couldn't believe that mama was going to get me that album with those NEKKID boys on it. My mama just said that I really wanted the album and that at least their tallywhackers weren't showing so the picture wasn't really all that bad.

My mama and I then discussed about the cellophane being gone. She had thought that must just be the way it was being sold since that album didn't have cellophane on it and there weren't any other copies in the store. I told her that someone else's mama must have seen those NEKKID boys and made them return the record to the store which was why it didn't have cellophane on it. We laughed about that a lot.

I didn't care if the album had NEKKID boys on it or not. I liked the music and enjoyed the album. It was a great Christmas present and even though I haven't listened to it in a while the album is still part of my vinyl collection that I have tucked safely away.



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