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I have been told that if I use any kind of identifiers in this story that I am "dead meat." Well, I don't think anyone will go to that extreme but I know that I could be in deep "doo-doo" if I slip up so I hope that I don't. Ahem!

Well, as the subject line states I have Friend A and Friend B. These friends were chatting together when Friend B said to Friend A, "I want to tell you something but I am afraid that it will hurt your feelings." Well, Friend A is not a "beat around the bush kind of a gal," so she said "Just spit it out. It will be okay." So Friend B started, "You know how you have lost a lot of weight." Friend A nodded her head, so Friend B continued, "Well, you have also lost a lot of weight in your boobs and um, well your boobs are so small now that your cups are all wrinkled up and the wrinkles show through your t-shirts."

Friend A looked down and sure enough she had wrinkles marring the sight of her boobies. Now Friend A really didn't care how her boobies looked but she didn't want big old wrinkles showing through her shirts. Friend A laughed about not having noticed this before. She told Friend B that she knew that her boobs didn't fill out her cups any longer but she hadn't thought about the cups wrinkling up under her clothes. Friend A thanked Friend B for telling her about the wrinkle issue and advised her that she would be going to get some more bras so that wouldn't be a problem.

A few days later Friend A measured around her chest and she still needed a size 38 because as she stated, "I have a large ribcage." She realized the problem was exclusively with cup size and her deflated boobies. After measuring Friend A got her hubby and they headed to Walmart to do some shopping. You see, Friend A is not exactly a Victoria's Secret kind of a gal. She just needed some functional bras that did NOT have any underwires. She hates underwires. I certainly understand and can relate.

While Friend A went to the lingerie department to shop for some bras, her dear husband did the only natural thing for a man to do while his wife is buying underwear. He went to look at fishing supplies. What a guy!

Friend A got to the lingerie department where she found a very helpful sales clerk. Friend A, of course, told the story about losing weight and wrinkled cups showing through her t-shirts to said sales clerk. She also told the sales clerk she just wanted regular bras without underwires and that had adjustable straps. She wanted to make it clear that sports bras would NOT do...the straps had to be able to be adjusted so that they felt "just right." The sales clerk helps Friend A find a few bras and then told her that she could go try them on. Friend A explained that she was not a "try-er on-er." The sales clerk then told her that she could return the bras if the didn't feel right. At this point with resignation in her voice Friend A said, "I wish you all just sold falsies. I like the bras I have. If I could just get a pair of falsies I could fill out my cups and be done with it." To which clerks said, "I have good news for you!"

They then went to the "falsies" display. Friend A was astonished at the sizes of falsies one could get and knew that she didn't need the "Penthouse Special" size but she got a pair of the smaller falsies because she knew they would do the job and they were the cheapest but she couldn't keep from imagining who would buy the big "gazonga" size of falsies.

Friend A was also glad as she was choosing her falsies that her hubster was looking at fishing tackle because the sales clerk might not have felt comfortable enough to be so forthcoming about the falsies and Friend A would have had to adjust to new bras which would have been an unhappy experience.

When Friend A got home she popped her falsies into her "boobie binder" and found that they filled the cups out perfectly. Now she didn't have to worry about new bras. She could wear the bras she liked and life was good. Hooray for falsies!

Now, why in the world would someone want to be anonymous in such a great story. It beats the heck out of me. I hope you enjoyed this story. I hope that Friend A's dear husband found some fun fishing tackle. I hope that her falsies stay secure and don't "pop out" at an inopportune time and that life rolls along smoothly with Friend A being able to wear her old bras.



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