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This is a story my mama doesn't know...I am telling on myself and my baby bubba. I may end up in trouble.

Many, many, many years ago when I was much, much younger my parents took a trip to Ohio to visit my sister who lived there. During that visit my parents ended up buying a small motorcycle from my BIL for my brother who was maybe 16. This would have been around 1982.

Now, this motorcycle did not have a title(long story)and could not be licensed for "on the road use" but it could be used basically as a "dirt bike" down at our cabin. So, after returning from Ohio with this motorcycle it was transported down there. My brother had a great time riding said motorcycle around. The cabin area had lots of woods to travel through(this was in the day before everyone had a 4 wheeler)and the dirt with gravel roads around the cabin were private property so Nick(my brother)could zip and zoom over those dusty roads too.

One weekend, maybe the 4th of July, my son and I were down at the cabin for the weekend, also we were expecting mom's best friend Mary and her husband Jay to come join us for the weekend. It was going to be a fun weekend.

As soon as I got settled in at the cabin Nick and I set off, with mom watching my son, to explore on the motorcycle. Now we were wearing helmets and my brother was wearing Dingo boots instead of just sneakers. Besides that, he had on a short sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans while I was wearing a pink cotton camisole under my overalls. Oh, yes I was wearing sneakers instead of my usual flip flops. It is a good we had long pants on.

While we were riding around the world was our oyster. We rode though areas that we had never even walked through before. There was an area that I called, "the hanging gardens of Babylon." It was this beautiful "cavern" of bushes, vines and trees. We were totally surrounded by this wall of green. It was breathtaking.

After we had ridden around in all of the areas that we were allowed to ride in and on we decided to take a little trip down the state road until we came to another dirt road and checked it out. At one point during that foray we chased a mouse who was running for its life. I made my brother knock that off although it thought it was great fun. I am sure the poor mouse did not think it was fun.

Once we had broken the law by driving on a public road, we decided that maybe a little trespassing wouldn't be too bad. Ahem! There was a big old tract of land referred to as "Old Man Scott's Place." It covered many acres and had once been bean fields. It was well known in those parts that "Old Man Scott would just as soon shoot you as look at you," but did that stop us. Now, we were regular outlaws by this time and I helped my brother get the motorcycle through a ditch and then through a barbed wire fence(we really wanted to check this place out) so that we could go riding through "Old Man Scott's" place and risk our lives in the process.

Well, the first sign that this was a BAD idea happened right after we got into the field. It was grown up higher than our waists and the plants had HUGE thorns on them. We were covered with thorns. We got out of that part of the field. Pulled the thorns off of each other and the proceeded to ride in an area that didn't look quite so "prickly." The next path took us near the house. There was no vehicle in sight so, of course, we had to check out the living quarters of a man who would "just as soon shoot us as look at us." We went an looked in the windows. It didn't seem as though anyone had been around in quite a while. This made us feel even more bold.

Since we didn't seem to need to worry about being shot that day we road the motorcycle all over the place being careful to avoid those thorns again. The old bean fields weren't too inspiring but the woods around the property were just gorgeous. That was what we wanted to see was thickets, trees, vines and such. It was a great trip.

By now we decided that we probably needed to head back to the cabin since we'd been gone for a while. So we headed back to the barbed wire fence, got the motorcycle through it and back across the ditch so we could head to the house. Well, about a half mile down the road Nick hit a batch of gravel, lost control of the bike, we went flying and in the process he accidentally kicked me in the teeth with the heel of his Dingo boot. To say this hurt is quite the understatement. I just knew that my teeth had been knocked out. As it turns out they hadn't been and we really weren't scraped up too bad but it felt like my upper lip was swelling up a lot. Nick told me it wasn't but with all of the throbbing I just knew it had to be. I couldn't wait to get to the cabin to check it out but didn't want to see mama in the process. I didn't want Nick to get fussed at for "dropping the bike" because he was driving too fast so I was hoping to delay any problems until I could personally see how my lip looked.

As we pulled up to the cabin we saw that Mary and Jay had arrived. They, our parents and my son were all eagerly anticipating our arrival. There was no chance that I could avoid being seen immediately. I felt a cold sweat breaking out. While we were riding up I heard Mary say, "Well, here comes the Eichelmann version of 'Hell's Angels." I laughed nervously with my lip pounding like crazy. I did not feel like much of a biker chick. I just wanted an ice pack or something but there wasn't any way I could think of to get one without creating undue attention to the situation.

I hugged Mary and Jay as Nick mumbled his "Howdy Doodies." Mom asked how our ride went and I said great, hoping that my throbbing lip wasn't the size of a grapefruit. I told her we'd fill her in on everything(my fingers were crossed)as soon as I got a chance to go tinkle.

I raced to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and was relieved to see that even though my teeth and lip hurt like "Billy Blue Blazes" there was no evidence of the fact that I had been kicked in the teeth. I was really glad because my parents had spent a lot of money on orthodontics when I was a kid and I didn't want to have my teeth knocked out by an errant Dingo boot. After washing my face I went outside with a cold beer that I kept holding to my lip. It helped a lot and wasn't at all suspicious. Nick and I talked about all of the cool things that we had seen on our ride. We, of course, left out things like riding down the state road to explore different "neighborhoods," our foray onto Old Man Scott's Place and the little incident with the gravel.

It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun. Nick and I went out on the motorcycle some more. It was a good thing that we enjoyed ourselves on it that weekend because not too much later the transmission or some such thing went out and due to the prohibitive cost of getting it fixed that was the end of the  Eichelmann version of "Hell's Angels." I guess all good things come to an end.

Were we just wild and crazy on our adventure or what? I am still glad we didn't get shot of "booby trapped" at Old Man Scott's place.



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Jun. 10th, 2014 04:18 pm (UTC)
I thought this was one of the cutest stories ever. I can't imagine how your face didn't reflect that kick, though. That was remarkable!
Jun. 10th, 2014 05:10 pm (UTC)
Mer, it was indeed remarkable. It was only a little pink not even really red. I just knew I was going to lose my front teeth. LOL!!!
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