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A day late and a dollar short...

I live one block from a middle school. It used to be a junior high and I went there in the seventh and eighth grades. Many things have changed at the school since that time. The part of the school that I had all of my classes except Home Ec and PE in has been torn down. The reason for this is that it was very, very easy for the students to slip out of the building because of the design and skip school. When I first moved to this house 29 years ago having truants wandering around and getting into trouble was a common event. A few years ago we started having fewer students who were playing hooky in the neighborhood.

School is out for the summer and the neighborhood is very quiet. We don't have students meandering around the neighborhood instead of spending their after school time at the library up the street like their parents think that they are doing. Peace abounds, at least for now.

A few days ago a sign was put up on the street near the library giving a phone number to call to report truancy issues. I had to laugh. School is out and they are just now putting up the sign. I guess they are trying to get a head start for next school year. Fortunately for the most part the students, who skip school from the middle school a block away and the high school about six blocks away, don't actually spend a lot of "school time" around here. They go to the shopping centers that are within walking distance. I guess they are from eight to ten blocks away depending on how you go. Actually since the truant folks try to avoid the main roads it is a little farther for them to walk to the shopping centers because they take back streets to get to them. Anyway, it cracks me up that they are just now getting the truant sign posted especially since I have seen fewer truants in the past several years than I did even a decade ago. I guess the school district finally decided that it was time to do something about the truancy issue. Better late than never I suppose.


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