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It's Raining and I Love It....

Lots of people around here are tired of all of the rain we have been getting. I totally love listening to the rain and thunder. It is awesome, especially tonight with the bugs singing their summer songs as the rain dances on my house and the thunder rolls to the west of me. It is so very awesome.

Now, I do have a friend who had lightening hit the sidewalk in front of her house the other day, who I can understand is less than thrilled with additional thunderstorms. There was damage to the house, the stove was "fried" and this is on top of multiple other stressors she is currently dealing with. I hate that the rain and thunder might be adding to her stress. That does concern me, so maybe I should feel a little guilty at enjoying the cooling effects of the beautiful summer storm. Hmm, I need to consider that.

Moving beyond the rain I want to talk about something rather presumptive that I read in a post last night. The writer posted(and I paraphrase), "While you have been watching 'Orange Is The New Black,' Netflix is deleting 79 movies from its inventory." When I read that I thought really, really...why would anyone assume that everyone has been watching "Orange Is The New Black." I mean really not everyone has Netflix and even those that have Netflix are not necessarily watching "Orange Is The New Black." Who is this person to presume what everyone is watching and/or that they are going to be devastated that Netflix won't have certain films available for streaming any longer? I personally do not watch television or Netflix. I have a life beyond "Orange Is The New Black" or any of the other "trendy" shows. As far as that goes, I haven't heard anything about "Game of Thrones" that rings my bells so I don't understand what the big "hoo ha" is about that show. Personally, I am rather tired of hearing about it, but that is just me. Obviously many people think that it is an awesome show. I am glad they are enjoying it. I just wish that it wasn't assumed that everyone is watching it. Hmm, I am being cranky. I have asserted my biddyhood on this blog many times so there you go.

Stop the presses...I just learned that it is statistically harder to get into "clown school" than it is to get into Harvard. Don't say I never shared valuable information with you! LOL!!!



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