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I really should go to bed, but...

I am not ready for sleep yet despite being so tired that I can't stand the sight of myself. Goodness gracious!

A few days ago I wrote a post on Facebook about this being the summer of my junior year. It was an exciting summer. I had a job that I totally loved working at Shepard's in Little Rock. It was a company that sold engineering supplies and equipment, office supplies, made blue prints, had a drafting department and had a printing press. My mom worked in the engineering department which meant that we worked for the same company but it was big enough that we weren't up each others' butts all of the time. It was a great job. There were many different things that I did at Shepard's although I never did learn how to make blue prints. I didn't do any of the drafting either but I did a little bit of everything else. Shepard's also had a Xerox machine in a time when copiers were so expensive that they were not in every office(this was 40 years ago) and people used to come in on a regular basis to have copies made. When I think about the fact that most computer printers also act as personal copiers now that seems to be a very quaint idea to have to send a clerk or secretary out to make photocopies at a local business. People were still using a lot of carbon paper and a new item, White-Out in offices. IBM Selectric typewriters were still a big deal back then as well. My how times have changed.

During that summer my mother, sister, Meema Barbara and I were all involved in a community theatre production of Oliver. That was great fun. All of the practicing and rehearsing kept me busy during my "off hours" after work. I need to mention that I cannot dance, as I have two left feet, and I cannot carry a tune in a 55 gallon drum. I was in the chorus however and after much practice I could do the dance steps required of me, learned my songs even if I couldn't hit the notes correctly and even got a small speaking part. We made many friends while working on that play. It was a blast. I have to say that between a job that I totally loved and being in the play that this was one of my very best summers.

I hated to see the summer end because Shepard's was only open Monday thru Friday from like 8 until 5 which, of course, was mostly during school hours so my wonderful job was at an end and after just a very few performances Oliver was history too. I was eager to start my senior year because that meant I was close to getting out of high school even though I absolutely loved Mount St. Mary the all girl Catholic High School I attended(although there were moments that I didn't particularly care for school but I think that would have happened at any school the I might have go to). I was looking toward attending college and moving beyond the confining parameters of high school.

The summer of 1974 was filled with all kinds of hope for the future. I think that in some ways it was the last true summer of my "childhood." I hope that I fully enjoyed it as much as I should have. I think that I did and that thought makes me smile.



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