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The dilemma of blogging...

The dilemma of blogging is that we can become too convinced of how wonderful we sound and come across as arrogant, conceited and maybe even rude. As bloggers we have to pay attention to our words, our tone and our content so that we don't accidentally infer that we are "better than, more than or greater than" our readers, for after all we are just people with things we want to say and share but that doesn't make us experts about the issues we blog about.

Wait, what, some may argue...there are many bloggers who are indeed "experts" in their fields and they blog about these subjects. I am well aware of the "professional and expert" blogs but even they can come across as vain and "overblown" if they are not careful to use their words carefully and not act as if they are "it and all of it" in their blogs. I am a professional and I have been "certified" as an expert in some areas. That doesn't mean that a blog post from me would be the equivalent of "The Sermon on the Mount," it would just mean that I might have some deeper insights to offer for consideration but not that I would be 100% on target at all times.

I just read a blog from someone who specializes in writing about romance. She doesn't have any special credentials, just life experience and I am certainly not knocking the value of life experience that is the basis for my blog posts, articles and stories but when one takes one's life experience and decides that it makes them an expert on a subject that applies across the board to all people and that if the readers don't follow the bloggers advice that they are in some way being "less than" involved in their relationships. I mean really. That is just too much, issuing edicts from blogs when not everyone's lift experience fits with what yours has been. It is just a bit much. Offering suggestions is one thing, a mandate to do something is another entirely.

I blog about writing and life in general. I am not an expert at either. I have some ideas that I share but if you ever find me issuing proclamations (unless in jest) please tell me to get off of my high horse because I would be in the midst of getting a truly fat head. That is not somewhere I want to go.

Enjoy life, enjoy blogs but take everything with a grain of salt, even what I have written here today.



Jul. 16th, 2010 07:09 pm (UTC)
Always an important thing to keep in mind - thanks!

Jul. 16th, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
to Megan...
thanks for chiming in...I think that so many people read things on line and think they are "gospel" so we have to be careful about what we say and do.

I appreciate you commenting.




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