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I have a request to make of you. Give up your collective fetish with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese. Enough is enough. Really it is! On Google the term "feta cheese recipes" brings up almost 2 million hits and the term "balsamic vinegar recipes" brings up over three million hits. Now I realize that on the balsamic vinegar list there are many, many recipes for balsamic vinegarette but I am sure that many of these recipes have a plethora of ideas of ways to use the vinegarette in cooking and dishes other than salads. I also know that not all of those hits will really be for feta cheese and/or balasamic vinegar recipes but you get the idea. It is time to scale back and discover other foods.

Middle America is not totally sold on balsamic reductions and the use of feta cheese willy nilly in recipes. Some of us like a little balsamic vinegar here or there and a few crumbles of feta cheese in choice recipes but really, even though we are will to eat more healthy foods we are happy with Cheddar, Mozzerella, Monteray Jack, Provelone and Colby cheeses for starters. We don't think that any kind of vinegar needs to be used on so many of our different foods. We still like French, Catalina, Thousand Island and Ranch Dressing on our salad greens. Okay, they may not be the healthiest dressings but at least we are eating salads. Give us some credit.

Also, what is the deal with maple syrup. You do know that sugar is sugar right. Maple syrup may have some minimal trace minerals and it does add a unique flavor to foods but someone has decided to put it in foods that don't "gee-haw" with maple. What is the deal! You all are using maple syrup in places that brown sugar and/or honey would be just fine. The maple taste doesn't add anything, you are not increasing the nutritional value and the calories are not substantially decreased. I just cannot believe some of the recipes I see someone tossing maple syrup into. It just isn't right.

I realize that chefs want to show off their amazing culinary skills and that foodies are trying to broaden the food choices that we all have. I also understand the whole locavore movement. I can see that kicking maple syrup up a notch in some places up north but not down south where dandelions and plaintain are some of our native greens. I am not sure if balsamic vinegar and feta cheese even fit into the locavore movement at all. I just know that they are trendy and overdone. You all know how you laugh at the geltain salads, mushroom soup recipes and the beanie weenies of the past well in the future people are going to be laughing at all of that balsamic vinegar and feta cheese wondering what the heck you were thinking. BTW, some of us in middle America still like Jello, casseroles made with mushroom soup and beanie weenies can be great on camping trips. Sure we know they aren't the healthiest foods around but they are real food with an appeal that takes us back to our childhoods. That is not a bad thing.

It is time for the foodie movement to create real food for real people. We can't afford Kobe beef at $70 an ounce. Most of us can feed our families for a week on less than $70, so we want food and recipes that mean something to us. Also remember, lots of men are diehard "meat and potatoes" guys. We are doing good to get them to eat a few veggies and some iceburg lettuce with Ranch dressing on it. They do not want broiled salmon with roasted parsnips and rutabagas on the side. If we are ever going to make progress with getting Middle America to eat healthier and away from the local fast food place you guys need to create recipes that will appeal to people across the country and that we can afford. The meals also need to be easy to prepare because parents are working, taking care of children and attending to many other things besides trying to figure out how to get the sand out of the leeks they bought for that new recipe. BTW, leeks and shallots are overdone too. This is real life, not a test kitchen.

Good, solid, inexpensive meals using easy to obtain ingredients are the key to getting people eating at home again, avoiding the fast food trap and helping America to regain its health. Balsamic vinegar and feta cheese are not the keys to a brighter tomorrow for the majority of us.



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Oct. 13th, 2014 03:24 pm (UTC)
What kind of recipe are you looking for, Ardee? I very rarely truck with balsamic vinegar or feta myself, but I have been known to cook food that's as inexpensive as I can get it and as easy. Although the one casserole with the hazelnuts and the goat cheese was a pain in the gazoo. (What I won't do for a vegetarian at a pot luck!)

BTW, there are recipes for which I can understand maple syrup, but not very many.
Oct. 13th, 2014 03:36 pm (UTC)
Mer, I wasn't looking for any recipe in particular. I was just reading some recipes and in 10 recipes SIX had both balsamic vinegar and feta cheese. No, they were not salad recipes either. I just don't get the fascination with those two ingredients.

I agree about some recipes being really good with maple syrup but if you happen to be on a recipe list or two you will see that maple syrup is showing up all over the place including in recipes where it sounds really gross. I can't think of any right now but some of them have just given me the "jim-jams."

I just like to read recipes. Some people watch television, some read novels, I read recipes. As I read a recipe I start reworking it immediately. I have my own ideas about things. LOL!

Thank you for the offer of assistance.
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