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Broken Glass ~ Writing Adventure Group #30

Linda was desolate, fidelity seemed to have fled her marriage and Greg was having an affair with their babysitter. Linda was grateful that the babysitter was over 18 so that she didn't have the shame of a child molester for a husband despite the fact that he was still a cheating bastard.

It felt like broken glass flowed through her veins the pain of the discovery was so fierce. Greg was out of town and Linda had to work late because of a last minute lawsuit that her boss had filed.  She had called, Carrie the babysitter to come care for the children. There had been no indication of the relationship being anything more that caretaker/parent when Linda had talked to Carrie.

Linda had no clue that within six hours she would walk in to find Carrie with Greg's face buried between her legs. Linda had not expected Greg to come home that evening and obviously Carrie and Greg did not expect Linda to come home without calling first as was her wont but she didn't want to risk waking the children, it was a school night after all.

As Linda stood by the door unnoticed by Carrie and Greg she wondered why Greg would eat Carrie when he never performed cunnilingus on her any longer and then it fully struck her. Greg was sucked on Carrie's clitoris and she was angry as she could be for a number of reasons.

Linda set down her purse and car keys, walked quietly up to them and asked what they thought they were doing. Carrie looked afraid and Greg almost crapped his pants.

"Go wash your face Greg," Linda said calmly, turning to Carrie and stated, "put your panties on and leave, I think you have already received enough payment for this evening." Greg dashed to the bathroom and Carrie couldn't leave soon enough.

Linda sank down into an armchair, considered that Greg would have to find a way to get the couch out of the house by himself this very evening and then he would have to give her money to buy a new sofa with as the current divan would not be feasible for family use any longer. She was hurt and she was angry, the broken glass in her veins seemed to rip at her very being.


Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Re: He's toast
You are right about that but Linda was naturally to shocked and appalled by what she saw to respond fully. She will get a bit of her own back before it is all over and done with. Trust me on this one!

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