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This month has been an exercise in writing but much of it has been mundane and/or nonsense. I may have written a word or two of merit but really those have been few and far between, no really, I know for I am the blogger in question.

Today we went to shopping. I got a Halloween decoration. We haven't had a Halloween decoration in years. I only spent a dollar on it but it is cute and that is what counts. Now my house is gussied up for Halloween. We also picked up treats to give to the ghouls and goblins that might come visit us. We are ever hopeful. LOL!!! After that we went to the grocery store. Wow, now that was exciting as all get out. Well, I did get some things to make yummy, yummy meals with. I love to cook. It is hard for me because of the back pain issues but I still love to do it most of the time anyway. I have stuff to make lots of inexpensive meals with. I am rather excited about the whole thing.

There was fried chicken left from the lunch crowd that was marked down in the deli so I didn't have to cook tonight after doing all of the shopping and standing. That was a relief. I also am very, very fond of fried chicken, so there you go! I remember when you could get the fried chicken at the store for the same price they sell it now when they mark it down. Prices just keep going up and up. I do have to say though that the price of a whole chicken is only very slightly less than the regular price for their fried chicken(which is basically a whole chicken) so you get the chicken for nearly the same price and you don't have to fry it yourself. Today we got our chicken for less than a whole fried chicken so we came out ahead and I didn't have to fry the chicken which I can no longer do anyway because I can't stand that long.  Anyway, it was a real treat for me. I am one happy camper.

Tomorrow I have to go to the wound clinic. I am not looking forward to that but it must be done. We also need to go to the medical supply store to get some saline solution too. If I feel like it after all of that I need to go to another store to pick up some things that weren't at the store we went to today. Busy, busy, busy!

The weather is getting cooler although tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer. We will see how things turn out. At least it won't be really hot.

I guess I have rattled on as long as I can for today.



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