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#NaBloWriMo...Happy Halloween!!!!!

Well, it is officially Halloween in Little Rock. The only spook running around our house is the little dog. She has been a real corker tonight. I don't know WHAT her deal is but I am ready, oh so ready, for her to be over it. I swear she has been a pill from the "get go" and the moon isn't even full. What's up with that? I could go into a litany of her many misdeeds for the day but let's just say that she is NOT my favorite Chihuahua at the moment.

Today we went and voted early. I am glad to have that out of the way because the new precinct we were redistricted into does not have a user friendly voting place. We loved, loved, loved our old voting place and have given this one ample opportunity to grow on us. Um, it hasn't! We went to a local library for early voting and it worked great. The poll workers were wonderful and everyone around engaged in the voting process was so pleasant and polite. It was a super experience. Now in 2016 early voting will be even more important so we will have to vote sooner rather than later in the voting process, otherwise it may be a pain to vote anywhere.

After voting we went to the grocery store and we had a wonderful checker but our bagger was just as helpful as he could be. We have had him before and he is just a precious human being. He is a kind, caring and cheerful young man. I just enjoy seeing his smile.

When we came home bringing in and putting up groceries was the usual challenge. I thought it was interesting dealing with groceries before the injury of May 2013 but since then sometimes I just don't know how I am going to get it done. We make multiple small trips to the grocery store now because of this. It is fortunate that we live within 2 miles of 4 grocery stores. That way we aren't burning a lot of gas with these small trips. I remember making one big trip at the beginning of the month and then just having the occasional trip to fill in with bread, eggs and produce. Those days are gone. Sigh! I also remember being able to spend about $50 to stock up on that monthly trip too. Well, like I said, those days are gone.

After I recovered from putting up groceries I cooked dinner. We had chicken and noodles using up that last of the chicken I cooked over the weekend and then adding cooked baby carrots as our veggie. The baby carrots were on sale last week. We certainly enjoyed them this evening. Steamed baby carrots are some of my favorite veggies but then I really like veggies so there aren't too many that I don't get excited about.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.



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