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This is the most pathetic example of non-writing I think I have ever come up with and that is saying a lot especially if you knew about my grade school poems about "hogs jogging" and "pigs jigging." All I am going to do is repeat a tweet I sent out earlier:

I don't know when they came out with cotton candy flavored Kool-Aid. I must have missed that announcement. #ArkansasBitesTheDust

Well, this has nothing to do with #NaNoWriMo so I will say that I am having more fun writing my #NaNoWriMo stream-of-consciousness nonsense than I have had writing anything in years. Hooray for that!



Nov. 5th, 2014 05:49 pm (UTC)
I couldn't stay up for all the election results in California, but I will say that voters were stupid when it came to the proposition re: water. It won't do anything to stop the drought now. The state is going to build dams and divert water from rivers and streams, which is usually a very bad idea. (The salmon are already endangered, as are other creatures in those habitats.) Desalination plants are a nice idea, but the amount of water desalinated isn't justified by the amount of energy used to desalinate it. Those plants are super-expensive to build and run. Also, the state will have to borrow money to do all this. Selling bonds is California's answer to everything. ;p

The Indian Gaming proposition also had a bad result. The tribes that had recently been recognized wanted to avoid damaging the land on the reservation / traditional land, which is near Yosemite and up in the boonies near Humboldt (I think), so they was opting for a parcel near the freeway and needed permission. Other tribes competing for the money spent on gaming fought the measure. The competing tribes won. :(

There was no competition against Repubs and Dems for every other office. I refuse to vote for Garamendi now because he authorized selling more arms to Israel as well as sending a passel of money--all decisions made during Op Protective Edge, when Israel was bombing the life out of Gaza. So yeah. I don't even vote for Democrats anymore.
Nov. 7th, 2014 07:38 am (UTC)
Mer, it sounds like election night in California was as stellar as election night in Arkansas. The only "good" thing that happened was the measure to raise the state's minimum wage passed but really it wasn't that much. I think it just raised it to the Federal minimum wage. Now is that exciting or what?

So, the ballot initiatives that passed sound good but aren't. We have gone from red to DEEP red. One political writer wondered if we were Oklahoma now or some such thing. I will tell you to listen for the name Tom Cotton. He is now our new senator. He is dangerous. He wants to be president and could possibly make it. That would be a very bad thing. Nasty business!

After writing this I think I need a beer.


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