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I am sure that I have written about this before but I got a nifty red mini-Keurig for Christmas last year. I think that it is the best Christmas present that I have ever gotten in my whole life. Yeah, I have gotten other amazing and great Christmas presents but I have used the fire out of thie Keurig. Besides getting some K-cups with my Keurig, I got some Amazon gift cards that I used to buy some sample packs of K-cups and then for my birthday I got a very nice Keurig gift certificate. Because I am a quintessential bargain hunter I used my Keurig gift card to get some amazing deals for K-cups. One of the coffees that we got several boxes of while it was 25% off on top of our regular 15% discount was Donut House light roast coffee. Now, I actually prefer Caribou Coffee in the medium roast, it is my favorite but I like the Donut House coffee just fine and it is Miss Teffers favorite so while the price was right I stocked up.

I have to make a confession. It seems that when Miss Teffers and I drink most of our coffee it is when we want something sweet or "desserty" so we drink the flavored coffees most often and the blends don't get as much "traffic." Because of this we also make special efforts to drink the blends especially since we have a warehouse filled with Donut House Light Roast coffee(small exaggeration).

Well, on top of the coffee purchaced from Amazon, Keurig and a few boxes picked up at Kroger(I do NOT recommend the French Vanilla from Green Mountain coffees, NASTY) we ended up with a 24 count box of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. I. Do. Not. Like. Green. Mountain. Breakfast. Blend. At. All. That being said, we had 24 K-cups of the swill that needed to be consumed. After much effort we were down to like six K-cups of the Breakfast Blend and while I was tidying up the cabinet that used to hold all of the coffee, I tossed the last of the Breakfast Blend into the Donut House Light Roast box so that Miss Teffers could finish it up. Ha, ha, ha! It never fails that if I decide to drink a cup of the Donut House Light Roast I grab a cup of the Breakfast Blend. Now you need to understand that I have a penchant for drinking whatever coffee I pick up out of the box first unless it is bedtime and I pull out an "extra bold" K-cup. I will let those wait until earlier in the day. So, even though I loathe the Breakfast Blend I drink the damn stuff in hopes that it will finally be all gone and I will only be drinking coffee that I like.(That being said, I praise the fates that I only got ONE cup of a Starbucks coffee in a sampler. That stuff is VILE!) Well, just now I decided to drink another cup of coffee. I decided I wanted a cup of the Donut House Light Roast and guess what I pulled out of the box. That's right Breakfast Blend. Oh, it must be my lucky day. Well, I was tempted to toss it back but surely this has to be the last K-cup of this coffee, surely, surely it must be so I made it and drank it as I wrote this. I truly hope to not have to consume another cup of this coffee ever again as long as I shall live but I won't hold my breath.

If you like the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, more power to you but Green Mountain has so very many lovely blends, such as Nantucket. Try to give those a chance, you will likely leave Breakfast Blend in your dust. Really, I believe you will. I have have had instant coffee that is better than the Breakfast Blend.



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