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I just saw an inane internet post about some kind of trading cards that a person's local Walmart had not gotten yet and they were in a tither. Now this was not a parent trying desperately to fulfill a Christmas wish but rather an adult who could not believe that there was still this "hole" in their collection. I hope when I have some complaints they do not sound quite this petty. I mean there are people right here in the good old US of A who do not have housing, food, clean water, adequate clothes, utilities or facilities for using the toilet and this person is pissing and moaning about trading cards. F*ck me running naked and to tears! What is this world coming to?

As I wrote this tirade I started wondering, what if this person is dying? What if the only thing that gives them pleasure is this trading card collection? What if I am being the asshat? Life can be a real crapshoot sometimes.

I just read about an hour ago that Robin Williams had Lewy Body Dementia. Back when I was working with patients who suffered from different kinds of dementia I had never even heard of Lewy Body Dementia. I first learned about it this summer from a friend whose mother may have Lewy Body Dementia. From what I had read then and just now read to refresh my memory I think I would rather have Alzheimer's Disease than Lewy Body Dementia. At least some of the medications we have available can ameliorate some of the Alzheimer's symptoms while they seem to exacerbate the Lewy Body Dementia. Who knows what hell Robin may have suffered and what may face my friend if her mother does have Lewy Body Dementia? Life can be so hard.

I am grateful for my life even though it has been difficult. I think I am prepared for almost anything I may find myself facing in the future. Even if I am not fully prepared I will find a way to deal with things.



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Nov. 12th, 2014 06:46 pm (UTC)
There is a television show, "Boss," about a fictional Chicago mayor who has Lewy Body. It's a gritty show, but there is some description of symptoms and an attempt to depict some of them. I agree that if there was a choice between the two I'd rather have Alzheimer's than Lewy Body.

I'm so sorry that Robin Williams was suffering as he did. It was sad enough before, but even sadder now.
Nov. 12th, 2014 08:05 pm (UTC)
Well, I guess they are "taking on" any subject these days on television. Lewy Body sounds awful. I agree that Robin's suffering sounds even more sad now than it did before.

BTW, some headlines about what must be autopsy reports are incorrect. It is when you read the article you get more of the story.

Hugs, Ardee-ann
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