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I am broke at this point in my life so I don't have a paid Live Journal account. This means I see lots of ads. Right now I have been seeing these amazing ads from Savannah's Candy Kitchen. If the pralines don't make your mouth water the coconut cake will do you in.

Right after I see the ads for these tasty looking sweets I see ads for "fat chick" clothes from Woman Within and Roman's. I mean really. Give me a break. I know I am a "big gal" but don't tempt me with delicious looking peach fruit bread and then show me a girdle and a tent sized dress. It just isn't right!(Oh, as for knowing about the peach fruit bread, of course, I clicked on the Savannah's Candy Kitchen ad and drooled. That is as good as it gets. If I can't afford to have a paid Live Journal account I sure as heck can't afford their expensive wares but I can window shop.)

Today has been interesting.(I naturally still consider it Wednesday.) We got up at the "butt crack" of dawn so that Stephanie could go get an MRI. Can you believe having to be at an MRI at 5:30 in the morning when it isn't even an emergency MRI? Well, guess what. That is how things played out. Boy, I hope we don't ever have to go to St. Vincent's for another MRI. You have to walk to h*ll and back to get to the MRI place. Thank goodness my mom took us for this test(long story)as there was an exit near the MRI place but you couldn't start there, NOOOO, you have to start 3 blocks away at the admissions office. My back, legs and heart did not want to cooperate with the first trek so I am glad we were able to be picked up at a different exit that was right down the hall from the MRI place. That was so much easier on me. Thanks mom, you are a life saver.

That's all the news that is the news at least for now because someone has not been writing on her #NaNoWriMo novel. I am so behind. I hope to catch up this weekend. Oh, also it has snowed here tonight. It is a light snow but snow in November in Arkansas, what is this world coming too?



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Nov. 13th, 2014 07:20 pm (UTC)
Ardee, Adblock Plus, if you choose to accept it, will do away with temptation. I don't see any ads on FB (that I'm aware or) or LJ anymore. It's been most helpful for LJ because I had noisy videos breaking in while I was reading and I find that terrifically annoying.

Do you have a problem with your heart that makes it hard to walk [far]?

::has worry face::

I have never heard of a medical test at 5:30 am! The nerve! (Also, I kind of feel sorry for the MRI operator for having to get up that early all the time.)

This whole early snow thing is making me wonder what we're in for this winter. I did wake up to unexpectedly wet streets this morning, so that's nice, but we really didn't get much rain. I'm hoping for a nearly indefinite continuation of the pattern though.
Nov. 14th, 2014 04:08 am (UTC)
Mer, I have tried Ad Blocker and while it works so well on places such as FB and LJ there is another site that it has quite the opposite effect on. It doesn't block the ads at all but it DOES block the site content. Is that crazy or what? This is a silly site that helps me maintain my sanity so it is either see ads or maintain what is left of my faculties. Well, I went with continuing to be able to enjoy my goofy site. It is so crazy. I couldn't believe it but I downloaded Ad Blocker a second time after removing it to make sure that was the problem with the website and the problem continued. It is probably that 1 in 10 thing that makes my life so very interesting that causes that site to show only the ads with Ad Blocker in place. LOL!!!

The walking thing is a combination of the back issue, the neuropathy and my heart. Yeah, it makes like interesting. Today my legs feel like Jello. It is from the nerve damage in my back. Tomorrow they will hopefully be better. There is also something about walking in St. Vincent's that is very hard on me. I can walk farther easier(most of the time)at Kroger than I can at SVI. My tiny little DollarTree store is the same way. It almost kills me to walk in there. I cannot describe the pain. I think it has something to do with the flooring impacted the back and legs. The heart had been doing okay but it has decided to act like an asshat in the past few days. That is so annoying. It isn't a terrible problem. It won't kill me, it will just pester me and make things more difficult to do. Sometime I need to write the story of my interaction with the resident at the heart clinic. He deserved to be slapped but instead he got a taste of my twisted sense of humor. It went right over his head. I still laugh about it though.

Oh, regarding the MRI operator...all of our hospitals have MRI staff working around the clock. Some work eight hour shifts and some work 12 hour shifts. We don't have enough MRI machines in the state to keep up with the need so there are MRI staff always working in Little Rock. So I think he was "still" up instead of "just up." Life is different when you live in a small state with minimal resources. I am lucky. I live in the "big city." It makes life easier I will tell you that for sure.

I think this winter is going to be a ring-tailed bitch. I expect it to be very cold with lots of winter precipitation. I would love to be wrong but I don't think I am going to be this time. We have extra clothes to put on because the high fuel prices last year almost broke us. It wasn't the amount of gas we used. It was the additional "fuel cost." It was like five times what it had been being. My levelized gas bill went from being sixty to seventy dollars to almost two hundred a month. That happened from one month to the next because of fuel shortages and etc. last year. Of course, in Oklahoma where they are fracking they just burn off the natural gas instead of "capturing" it like they do in other fracking areas. I mean if you are going to destroy the environment by fracking then use EVERYTHING you get in the process especially when fuel prices are so danged high. The fires in the Oklahoma fracking fields are heartbreaking. How much energy could be produced with what they are just pissing away?

I hope you all keep getting rain. The drought in California really needs to end. I worry about it a lot.

Hugs, Ardee-ann
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