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About the only things I can say for myself are that I am sleepy and I have allergy issues. Now is that exciting or what! We are in the middle of a bodacious cold snap and I am having allergy issues out of the middle of nowhere. I am baffled beyond words. I can't do anything for my runny nose and watery eyes because allergy medicine knocks me out. I am already about as tired as I can be. If I take allergy meds I might not be seen for 24 hours or so. I know that there are allergy meds that say they do  not cause drowsiness. The makers of these medications failed to consult my body on this issue. That is all I have to say about that.

Hopefully my nose will quit running by the time I get up in the morning. I hate having "drippy snozzles." I am going to be optimistic.

A few weeks ago a regional deli chain sent an email with a sliced turkey sandwich that looked good, but since their sandwiches are about six or seven dollars I just saved the add to remember what was on them. Oh, I am glad I did. My local grocer had OM deli style smoked sliced turkey lunchmeat on sale for less than half price. So, I stocked up because Stephie loves the stuff and I could make our version of these sandwiches. Instead of fancy buns that cost about $5 a package we got a package of flour tortillas for a buck. Then we bought some whole berry cranberry sauce and shredded lettuce. We put the turkey slices, cranberry sauce and shredded lettuce on warmed flour tortillas and let me tell you it was some kind of good eatin'! Yes indeed it was! We had happy mouths and happy tummies. Yummo!

We have enough food for two meals for less than what one of the sandwiches would have cost at the restaurant. Now we didn't have the killer chocolate cake you can get for dessert there but hey, that stuff is expensive as all get out too. If we'd have at least had a Hostess cupcake we would have been good to go but we didn't and that's all there is to that.

Well, I am hoping to wrap things up and go to bed soon. I am a sleepy time gal.



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