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Back around 2000 or 2001 Stephanie and I started talking about really paring down our belongings and possibly starting to live the life of gypsies. Our goal at the time was to be able to fit all of our belongings, except our computer, into 2 banana boxes each. That would include our clothes, personal hygeine items, something to eat with and something to cook on. Books naturally would have been included. We figured that if we were able to fit all of our belongings into a couple of banana boxes each that we would be able to fit them into the back end of my Toyota Station Wagon which could hold a lot and be able to spend time on the road.

Well, that didn't work out for a number of reasons. We really haven't added many personal items ourselves since then. A few books, movies and CDs, along with some clothes have been added to our belongings. I also was lucky enough to win an Ipad and a Kindle, while friends gave us a couple of computers but most of the things we have acquired over the ensuing years have been either of a practical and needed nature or have been gifts. We just are not into consumerism and we are broke to boot.

We started doing some serious decluttering about a year and a half ago. We still have a long, long, long way to go. You'd be amazed at how much can be crammed into a tiny little house. Then, of course, after the house is decluttered we have to do something about the danged storage units. Those are the bane of our existance. One storage unit has mostly stuff from Steffie's apartment that she moved out of in 1996. That's right, we have been paying storage for stuff we haven't seen since 1996. That unit also has stuff from my house that was added to Steffie's stuff so that there would be room for the things that she did bring with her from her apartment.

Then there is my storage unit. This consists of mostly crap left over from eBay days of yore and our old flea market stuff. We had actually gotten rid of about three quarters of the stuff in that storage unit when we had to do something with things from Steph's mom's house. Guess where it went. When that storage unit was filled up we had to rent a third storage unit to put the rest of the stuff in. That stuff has been sitting in storage pretty much undisturbed since 2008. Yep, more uneeded crap that hasn't been seen in years. Really, the decluttering needs to continue.

In regard to the decluttering I have decided that if I were ever able to "hit the road" and live the life of a gypsy, which really is my destiny, I know that it is, that 2 banana boxes each will not be enough to hold the things we need. Heck, it would take one banana box just for medications and medical supplies that we need. So, I have decided that two medium large plastic tubs each would take care of the things we need to have. Those would fit into our vans with our canes and walkers and we could be on our way. Dream on sister girl, dream on.

The only things I didn't plan for were such things as a mop, a broom, my Swiffer, a mop bucket and cleaning supplies. There is no way to fit a mop, broom or Swiffer in a plastic tub. We will just have to have those on their own and not worry about fitting them into the plastic tubs. The cleaning supplies would get their own tub too. I think that soap, shampoo and deodorant could go into that tub too which would give us more room in our other tubs.

This dream is, of course, brought to you by someone who can't afford to buy new tires for her van. Not to mention that there are other repairs that the van needs. I can still dream though, right?



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