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I keep pouring out my soul. The words just bleed across the page, sometimes at random and sometimes with purpose. It is a neverending process. Even when my fingers are not tapping out the letters the words are moving through my head making up phrases, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and so on. It just keeps moving like a train sometimes it is on the rails and sometimes sadly it is derailed but yet the movement doesn't stop, somewhere in the process things keep flowing no matter what. It is my life. It is what gives my life meaning. I have said it before and I will say it again, my writing is for me. I really do not care if anyone ever reads it. It is my outlet, the way that I can let go of these scenarios that my mind creates. My mother cannot understand why I do not write for the public but yet the public is so fickle and fleeting. Books are bought, sold, read and trashed. Some sit on shelves begging for an audience only to wait silently as they are passed by for glossier books that appeal to the masses rather than to those who carefully discern the words for their deeper meanings.

I certainly do no think that I write the books that carry great import because I don't. I write trivial things about life and zaniness. To me the writing is the adventure, the journey, the joy. It is in the putting the words together in a way that they mean something even if it is just to me that drives me. It is not the path for everyone. There are those who do not write, there are those who write for the pleasure of writing itself and there are those who write to be read. I certainly want to encourage those who write to be read. I love to read. It is my grand passion and it is what has compelled me to write. I just love the way words explode onto a page. It is such a gift to those of use who love, love, love to read.

I think if I ever fully flesh out my voice it will be in the version of personal essays. I am more of a storyteller than a writer but then I have told you that many times. I have probably bored you to tears by saying that over and over again.



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