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It is a long story but I got in trouble many times in school for refusing to say "The Pledge." As far as I was concerned "liberty and justice for all" did not exist and thus for me to say the pledge was a lie. Obviously nothing has changed in more than 40 years. Obama says that we have made progress and I guess since the days of the regular lynchings we have but we sure have a hell of a long way to go.

I wasn't in Ferguson, Missouri to witness the events with Wilson shot down Brown but I don't think it takes that many shots to disable a potential attacker and if the police are supposed to shoot to kill then learn how to do so. One, maybe two shots should have done the job unless the suspect was running away from the shooter.

I do have issues with how things were handled after the shooting. Did they really have to leave Brown's body on the ground uncovered for that amount of time? I realize that the coroner or some such official depending on the jurisdiction has to examine the body before it can be covered or moved for the sake of evidence but why didn't they take care of that and get Brown's body bagged. That was a serious trigger in the community.

We all make mistakes but when you are a white police force in a predominently black city where there are already serious issues between the police and the community, don't make things worse. Try to make them better. Leaving a dead body on the ground for hours. That was a huge mistake IMHO.

This situation has been ugly and now it is just going to get uglier still. We need to pray for peace because justice has flown out the window.



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