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The Kimchi Pancakes That Weren't...

Sometimes I go a "little" crazy. This is one of those times. Ahem!

In late August I got an email from one of those recipe places for kimchi pancakes. They intrigued me. They ingrigued me a lot. Now you have to understand. I have never found any kimchi that I like and I am not invested enough to try to make my own kimchi but these kimchi pancakes just kept calling to me.

I had sent the recipe to a friend of mine who likes kimchi and makes his own but he told me he preferred to just eat kimchi on its own and thus the recipe had no appeal to him. He then told me how he makes kimchi and how easy it is. Pop tarts are easy, you just take them out of the package. Kimchi involves chopping, mixing and fermenting. That is not easy in my book although I did make my own sauerkraut a few times back in the day but that is another story.

Now my kimchi buddy did tell me about the best commercial brand of kimchee that he had ever eaten and that if I found it that I should give it a try. Well, I immediately went to the internet. I found that kind of kimchi online and ordered two jars of it.

Now consider this concept. I don't like kimchi or at least I haven't found any kimchi that I have liked to date and here I am ordering TWO jars of kimchi to make kimchi pancakes that for some reason I am craving like a pregnant woman. The worst part about this story is that I ordered the kimchi when we were really broke and I ordered TWO jars of it. Why two jars you may ask? That is a good question. The answer is that the shipping was pretty high but it was the same for one jar as it was for two jars and the kimchhi itself was pretty cheap and so I bought two jars of a fermented vegetable that I don't know if I will like or not. It all seemed logical at the time. Then came the moment of judgement.

The next morning I had to tell Miss Teffers that I had spent twenty dollars ordering two jars of kimchi which she knows that I don't like, for these pancakes that for whatever reason have totally robbed me of my senses and are singing a siren's song to me. Miss Teffers gave me "that" look that says, "Have you lost your ever loving mind?" Then she asked me to explain again why it was that I had bought this kimchi for something that sounds as "untasty" to her as kimchi pancakes.(You see to her pancakes are a sweet, she does not understand people who eat savory pancakes and such.)Well, I sheepishly explained again as she rolled her eyes and went on about her business.

A few days later the kimchi arrived but I knew it would be a while before I would be making the kimchi pancakes so I did not unpack the kimchi but careful put the packed box on a shelf. You see we were have some repairs and remodeling done on the house at that time. In the process we lost a lot of shelf space in the kitchen and I mean a LOT of shelf space like about seventy five per cent. So I didn't want to put the kimchi in some precious shelf space in the kitchen right then so I used a shelf in a storage area where the kimchi would be safe but I would know where they were.

Since that time Miss Teffers has teased me about when it was that I planned to make those kimchi pancakes and I have scowled at her while saying when I get a chance. Somehow time has slipped away as that kimchi had been on the storage room shelf since early September.

A few days ago I needed a box to ship an item that I had sold on eBay. The box the kimchi was packed in was the perfect size so I had Miss Teffers unpack the kimchi so that I could use the box for packing. Well, when the box was opened it was apparent that at least one of the jars of kimchi was broken. I will credit the person who packed the kimchi with sealing the jars up very, very well so that when they broke there was zero leakage. That was a good thing. I mean, have you ever smelled kimchi?

I took the kimchi from Miss Teffers, placed the jars in the kitchen sink and went back to packing my eBay sales for shipping. Once the packing was finished I went to see if one of the jars of kimchi was salvagable. This was a big, big, huge, enormous mistake. Once the bag was unsealed I found out what can make kimchi smell even worse than usual and that is for "opened" kimchi to be left in a plastic bag in a box on a storage room shelf for three months. Oh my goodness I thought I was going to die. The stench was beyond description. I tied the kimchi up in three plastic bags and then put it in the trash.

This put an end to any desire to ever consider kimchi pancakes again. I lost twenty dollars on a crazy idea and ended up having to throw both jars of kimchi away. It was a sad ending to my kimchi pancake dreams. Miss Teffers just shook her head.



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