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I have been absent far too long!!!!!

I really hate to post when I am feeling funky. I prefer to post happy, funny and interesting things. The past several weeks have been quite difficult for me so rather than posting I have avoided the blogosphere, at least to post. I love writing and talking about things that pique my interest. I have had lots and lots of good things happen to me but by the time I get to "blog posting" I am tired and in pain. Sometimes I feel that all I have done is talk about pain issues for most of the past year and nine months. All I can say is that it has been a challenging and trying time.

Today I just want to be happy. I want to smile, dance(I am a great chair dancer), laugh, sing and rejoice. I enjoy life to the hilt. Yes, I have darkness and depression that steal my joy but I work to muddle through all of the muck and mire. Sometimes I get stuck but I always find my way back to the light. It has taken years at times but I never quit clawing my way back out of the pit. When I do it is time to smile and find ways to celebrate. Tonight I made some delicious homemade vegetable soup and that simple act brought me much pleasure. It doesn't take much to brighten up my day. I am easy to please so if I am feeling the suffocation of depression you have to know that I am trapped in emotional hell.

My oldest granddaughter will be nine years old on Sunday. I can't believe that it has almost been nine years since that beautiful girl was born. What a blessing my granddaughters have been! They are truly gifts from God.

Well, I guess I am through babbling for now. I have so very many things to write about. If I had the brain power and physical energy I could probably sit at the computer to write day in and day out but yet I would still have more things to write. I love being part of this world because even with all of its ugliness and strife it is truly a beautiful place to be.



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