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Life is complicated....

I recently told someone to "google" me and that by doing so they would find out pretty much everything they would want to know about me. They'd find this blog where I talk about doggie "doo," living with depression, zaniness, my granddaughters, my heartbreak, my fears, inadequacies, efforts at writing, love of thunderstorms, tendancy to jump in mud puddles and way too much more because my blog has been an open book.

I told them they could even find a video of me reading a story I had written. I failed to tell them that I sound much more nasal in the video that I really sound in person but I guess that is just one of those things.

In so very many ways I am one of those "out there" kinds of people...you know where you stand with me. I don't hold back. I am passionate about life and yet I am a virtual hermit. My life is spread all over the internet. My Facebook page is a candid portrait of things that make me smile and things that make my blood boil.

Despite the fact that I am so open in so very many ways my life is multi-layered. I am difficult. I am complicated. I am loving, caring and compassionate. I can have a hissy fit that would scare the pants off of the Hulk. I laugh out loud and sing off key. I live in such a way that many people find me to be an enigma. That is the word that fits me best for I am a contradiction in motion.

Empathy, Grace(as in lack thereof)and Trouble are my middle names. I love God and try to truly live Christ's commandement to "love thy neighbor" but honestly I think I am on the Highway To Hell. I just need a pink Cadillac to take me there. Sigh!

I don't know where life is taking me at this time. They say that we learn from history but I think this only thing my history tells me is that life is complicated. I wonder if I will ever find the peace that I have spent my lifetime searching for. I don't know. I guess somewhere down the line I will find out. Maybe!

I know I usually sign off with "Ciao" but tonight I will sign off with Adios because all I can think about is Spanish wine.

Adios! Vaya con Dios!


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May. 18th, 2015 02:44 pm (UTC)
Hi AE :)
Yes, life can be complicated, but life is also what a person makes it out to be. I have so very much enjoyed reading your blog, Facebook meme's and sharing your thoughts/opinions, working side by side as a team player on eBay, watching with enthusiasm your lovely "reading poetry" video, but most importantly loving the kind gentle soul that you are and touch so many lives. Pass that wine around; bottoms up :)

Miss and love you my friend,
May. 18th, 2015 05:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi AE :)
Trish, thank you! I got a big smile and my heart is warmed in ways that are hard to describe. We go back a long way don't we. Lots of changes in our lives over the years too. You are a great friend! Here, I will even pour up a glass of wine for you. Hugs, Ardee-ann
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