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Writing Adventure #31 ~ Laughter

Bitter laughter erupted from her lips as she realized that he had cheated her again. Edward was the consummate philanderer. He cheated with any woman that he could get into bed, his car or the supply room at his office. Edward was not particular, a woman did not have to be attractive, just willing to cavort with him sexually in whatever manner he chose. He was not always a kind and gentle lover, nay Edward could be cruel and harsh in his sexual activities.

Bryanna knew of Edward's tendencies and had tolerated them for the most part but when she found out he was cheating with their daughter's mother-in-law she felt he had crossed the line and she intended to confront him about this affair and his many sexual escapades. Bryanna was going to give him a verbal thrashing and then she was going to leave him because she was tired of living with his womanizing.

As Bryanna packed a bag for Edward to with him, after she kicked him out there was a knock on the door. When Bryanna answered it, there were state troopers with bad news for her, it seemed that her husband had been killed in a head on collision with an eighteen wheeler. Bitter laughter erupted from Bryanna's lips, the troopers looked at her with confusion, she apologized and thanked them for letting her know about Edward's untimely death. The troopers asked her if she would be ok and she assured them that she would be fine. As they left she sat on the sofa and was at first angry at Edward from cheating her out of her tirade toward him but then she remembered that there was a million dollar life insurance policy on Edward with a double indemnity clause. Bryanna laughed again, this time not so bitterly. She realized that she would fare very well from Edward's life insurance and would not have to fight him in a bitter divorce. Bryanna was almost giddy with glee. Things had turned out quite well after all.


Jul. 22nd, 2010 10:03 pm (UTC)
Re: I wish...
Ah yes, justice served!!! LOL!!! ;)


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