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The Missing Blogger...

I just saw that it has been more than 2 months since I posted on the blog. I have written many things on Facebook that probably should have been blog posts but I find myself on Facebook engaging in my rambling stream of consciousness. It feels more like a dialogue with people I know so I suppose that is why I find myself writing journalesque entries on Facebook.

My life is eminantly complicated. I am often overwhelmed by everything but I am a strong swimmer so I am keeping pace with the current of the "River of Life" as it tries to have its way with me. I do sometimes have to stop and rest but I learned how to float very well at the YWCA here in the Big Rock city when I was about 4 years old. So I have those survival skills needed to get through everything. I can even handle the waterfalls and rapids that I encounter. I am one tough cookie. Never count the fat chick out.

I am doing the prep for an upper and lower GI on Thursday. Talk about fun! Woo hoo! I don't have my Koolaid or Jello made yet. You know with Jello at least you can feel like you have something to eat. Well, I have been dealing with too much and life has been rather complicated so the Jello sits in the box. There are also pain issues to deal with and I have been "sippin' on fire" so there you go. Maybe I can get the Jello made later tonight. We will see. I am not looking forward to this whole ordeal. LOL! No one looks forward to a colonoscopy so I am not alone in this whiny time of dreaded "stuff." I am just babbling about it for the world to read. Some people have more sense than to do such a thing.

I keep working on my writing and find it to be frustrating at times. I have found that I am really good at writing the "stuff" of a story scenes, action, you know stuff(such a wonderful literary term). I am also pretty darned killer at writing dialogue. HOWEVER, I am not good at writing them at the same time. So I have pages of "stuff" and pages of dialogue for five related novels right now(no I can't focus on just one at a time). My plan is to try to merge the "stuff" and the conversation at some point. I can now see why I started to focus on writing personal essays and stories, as in being a story teller, instead of writing fiction. I have all of these stories in me like you wouldn't believe but getting them out is an excruciating process. I am even doing a good job of avoiding my tendancy to edit as I write. I am not writing the same sentance forty times trying to craft the perfect sentence. NaNoWriMo helped me to break that habit for the most part. It is all still such a struggle as I deal with brain fog, pain issues that affect my ability to type and then the emotional aspect of purging that which is bound up inside my gray matter. Like so many have said before me I have had to "suffer for my art." That being said I will never quit writing.


I started writing this post 10 days ago. I got interuppted and then didn't return to it. I am posting it unfinished. Who knows what I was going to write next? I don't!



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