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Miss Teffers is in recuperative care(rehab lite)following a recent hospitalization. I still need to write more about Teffer's grand adventure but will do that later this week.

This tale focus' on today's visit with the Teffs. Zyoh and I took her walker to her so that she would have it now that PT is having her get up and walk more.

While we were visiting Teff told Zyoh to tie a blue medical glove on the walker to identifiy it as hers. She had been told by PT to make sure that her walker was evident as her own walker and not Rehab property. Thus the request to tie the glove on it.

Now, the walker has stickers from Medic Medical Supply in it which is certainly different from Baptist Rehab Institute and it would have been helpful for Teffs to have told us about this before we got the walker there so we could have something other than a medical glove tied onto the walker.

Zyoh and I were rolling our eyes at Teff. I stated that if we had known this in advance that Zyoh and I could have gone to the dollar store to get s set of handcuffs to hang on the walker adding that surely no one else had handcuffs on their walkers and their presence would give other people something to wonder about. As I smiled a wicked smile Teffs was protesting but Zyoh just blew up the glove and tied the inflated glove to her mother's walker.

Zyoh and I laughed Teffie was not amused but the glove stayed. Zyoh and I tend to gang up on Teffs sometimes. Poor Teffers! LOL!

After this merriment about decorating the walker we continuted to visit for a while. When it came time for us to depart I went to use the "loo" before we left. Well, to my amusement the shower chair in the bathroom looked like it had been designed for some nefarious purpose by the Marquis de Sade himself. Well, I was even more inspired. Bwa, ha, ha!!!

Zyoh and I took our leave but I made arrangements to come back later in order to bring some other things to Miss Teffers. Well, after dropping Zyoh off I went to the dollar store, bought some handcuffs and then proceded to go back to the Rehab center. I gave Teffie the items that I was there to deliver, visited some more, then before taking my leave I again visited the rest room. I attached a set of handcuffs to each arm of the chair, said my goodbyes and left. Somehow I managed to keep from dying laughing until I got into the elevator. I am now waiting for the response of Teffie and the facility staff. I am so evil. I really am going to hell for being warped, twisted and downright mean.

It I do not live to write another word this escapade has been worth whatever price I may pay. Trouble is my middle name!



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Jul. 4th, 2016 02:49 am (UTC)
You are my Empress of Evil...
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