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Flash Fiction Earnest & Katie

Emma was perturbed by he nephew Earnest, her mother allowed him to live in their home as he was her favorite grandchild but the boy was a slob, leaving dirty dishes in the living room, dirty under drawers in the bathroom and leaving his belongings sprawled all over the house. Her mother never said anything to Earnest and when Emma brought is up her mother would just reply, "Oh that Earnest, he is such a boy." That was well and good for her mother to say but she wasn't doing extra laundry, cleaning the parlor two or three times a day and collecting empty beer cans and pizza boxes from Earnest's room.

"Honestly," Emma thought,"that boy is a slob and a half." Then she huffed off to clean up after him some more.

Emma was an officious old broad Earnest surmised. He worked to help pay the rent and utilities on the dump that he, Emma and his Grandma Ruth lived in and yet she complained about the fact that he didn't help to clean up the joint. After 40 hours a week of hard labor on the docks, he wanted to kick back, drink a few brews, eat and watch some television without some old harridan nagging at him about this, that and the other thing. Earnest was glad that Grandma Ruth took his side in the matter. Besides Emma was home all day watching her stories, it didn't hurt her any to do his laundry and help out around the house.

Earnest's girlfriend Katie knew that his aunt Emma didn't like her but that Grandma Ruth did. Katie was always saccharine sweet to Emma just to get under the old woman's skin. Katie intended to marry Earnest and when she did one of her first acts would be to see that Emma was banished from the residence so that Katie didn't have to put up with her old sour puss every day.

Katie lived a humdrum life her only real excitement was riling up old Emma. Katie worked all day at Walmart, went bowling with the league once a week, hung out with Earnest and had dinner at her mother's on Sunday. Katie hoped that once she and Earnest got married that they'd have more time to go dancing, bowling and to the picture show. Katie wanted to have a social life and break free from the "same old, same old" that enveloped her at the present time.

Katie spent a lot of time rolling her eyes when she was at her mother's for Sunday dinner, besides her mother pushing her about when she and Earnest were going to get married, Katie had to listen to her sister blather on about out Little Betsy her one year old was doing this or that. You'd think that child crapped gold stars the way Katie's sister Janie carried on about all the things that Betsy could do. Katie could think of things she'd rather be doing like hitting Janie in the head with a rolling pin.

Katie ran a ruly house. She did not allow anyone to leave drinks lying around, unemptied ashtrays or dirty dishes in the living room or kitchen. Earnest used to laugh at her for being such a hard ass about such things but he knew that when they were married he would never have to worry about the house being a mess. Katie was very tidy and efficient, she wasn't anything like Earnest's aunt Emma!

Earnest was often facetious with Katie's mother Marilyn. He did not like the way Marilyn was trying to force he and Katie to hurry up and get married so he mocked Marilyn and treated her in a flippant manner. The annoyed Marilyn to no end especially as she knew that Earnest did this just to "get her goat."

Marilyn would be talking about a neighbor who had cancer or had been affected by some other tragedy and Earnest would make light of it and say he had gotten some holes in his socks implying that was much more important than Mrs. Moriarity losing her dearly departed brother, God rest his soul.


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