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I Keep Forgetting To Blog...

I am a denizen of Facebook. As such I often write long rambling posts there that probably should be on my blog and yet I like to engage in conversation with people on Facebook. I post my blog links there but I don't know if people read my blog posts the same way they do my status updates on Facebook. It is such a quandary. What to do? What to do? First world problems indeed! :-P

One of the things I have been meaning to blog about is my hair. When I was a kid and up until a very few years ago my hair was straight. In fact I am going to post a picture of a picture of a picture from my senior yearbook that shows just how STRAIGHT my hair was. Now I was an anomaly in the family. My Eichelmann relatives have CURLY hair. Lots of curls and my granddaughter, Jessica, inheirited the curly hair gene with a vengence. That girl has some SERIOUS curls.

Well, starting about ten years or so ago I developed a wave at the nape of my neck. This was an odd development because my hair simply did not curl. Efforts with curlers, hairspray, gel and mousse were fruitless. Perms didn't last long because my hair grew so fast that my crown was very soon flat ant the curls I did have were coming loose. Curly hair just wasn't in my cards, or was it.

Two or so years ago when my "buzzed" hair would start to grow out I would have very abundant curls at my neckline. They looked like the little curls on ducks tails so I called them my "duck ass curls." In the past year however the rest of my hair has decided to get in on the act. When it is hot and humid my hair CURLS all over the place. There are soft little curls bouncing around in the breeze on my little fat head. I mean what the heck. I never had a natural curl before but now...yes now at the ripe old age of 59 I finally have curly Eichelmann hair. Well, at least for the summer and at least while it is this length. It blows my mind.

I cannot seem to capture my wispy little curls via picture however. I will keep trying but they are so soft and my hair is so dark that they fade into the rest of my hair. It makes me sad too because they are just so darned cute. Oh well, first world problems again.




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