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NaBloWriMo was an effort to get people to blog daily. It is National Blog Writing Month. It is one of the many riffs on NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I think that 2014 or maybe 2013 was the last year that the founder of NaBloWriMo was active with her own creation. Last year there were a few other participants in #NaBloWriMo that I discovered but so far I feel like the "Lone Ranger." We will see what happens. I am looking fo NaBlo peeps. I will continue to search.

In the past I have used NaBloWriMo in an effort to get my brain in gear for NaNoWriMo. I am hoping to do the same again this year. I am gotten very, very slack with my writing. I hate that but I am not going to dwell on my failures. I am going to make a fresh start and parasail along the horizons of creating new words and ideas. Damn, I am optimistic, aren't I?

This has been a very interesting year. Last October I was getting ready for my 40th high school reunion and was trying to wrap my brain around moving out of the house I had resided in for more than 30 years. Well, the 40th has come and gone. I have reconnected with some people that I missed in ways that I hadn't even fully realized before the reunion. Two high school friends died within six weeks of each other in the past 3 months. I got to see one of them at the reunion and I am grateful that I had that opportunity.

In January I moved out of my home of thirty plus years into a new residence. The move has been a very postive one. I so love where I am living now. I just wish I still had hardwood floors instead of carpeting but hey, nothing is perfect although my new home comes very close to being perfect so there you go.

I have missed writing about so very many things because I have not been blogging much. My life has been like water in a sieve. I so hope that NaBloWriMo gets me back on track with blogging and that I find a way to keep up with this wonderful adventure that I am living.




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