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I don't know where things started going to hell in a handbasket but somewhere in September life started to win a lot of little battles. Now on Septemeber 5th I had a major victory where love and happiness are concerned so overall September was a WIN...take THAT life! However, somewhere myNeuropathy, Fibromyalgia and Lupus flared up. Now the pain with these two is bad enough BUT the brain fog and exhaustion are what are really kicking my butt HARD!

I am doing everything I know to do to try to keep ahead of this oncoming train but I just can't seem to run fast enough. That doesn't mean that I have stopped running though. I just keep the race going...one step at a time.

I had hoped to leave all of this nonsense behind in September but NOOOO...it is still here in October. I am so not a happy camper about that either. UGH! I hope to shake it off in October so that November is brain fog and exhaustion free. Notice I didn't say pain free because as I learned from Meatloaf, "...two out of three ain't bad." So those are the two I am chosing. I can live with pain. I have been living with it for many, many years...as in more than 40 so this isn't my first rodeo.

I #neveryield although my beloved piggies have been known to do so. I #nevergiveup although I have been known to take a break or two. I am strong, gutsy and freakin' determined. I #amwriting even if it is bad writing. I am pounding out the words. I just need to build up to about 2K a day which is about 4 times what I have been doing. That means I need to GET ON THE STICK!

You see life is just winning some battles but never fear, I am winning the friggin' war! You can bet the ranch on that one.

I need to crank up the volume on my music and my life. It will all work out but for right now, dang I am worn to a nub.

Ciao babes!



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