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Time To Rise and Shine #amwriting

Well, HOLY COW I just found out that I have not written a post since November 18, 2016. I knew that things were out of kilter but gee golly Jiminy Cricket, I had no clue that I hadn't written much of anything in that long.

My life did turn upside down during that period of time and has pretty much stayed that way until now. At this point groovy guys and groovy gals I am starting to have a little bit of my brain fog burn off. Now being the total and complete optimist that I am the happy dance has commenced. It doesn't matter if within the next hour everything heads south because for right now. This very minute I can write and my mind is almost on the ball. LOL!

Over the past several months I have had many ideas of things to write AND I flesh them out in my head as I am cooking, cleaning, showering and etc. Well then the brain fog that plagues me kicks in about the time that I sit at the keyboard and I can't even remember the subject I had been so ready to write about. Yeah, it sucks big time. Even worse is that I can't think of a damn thing to write about to the point that even doing Facebook updates have been beyond challenging. Talk about an all time low. Bah humbug!

I have tried to find a way to be able to make notes about my thoughts so that maybe, just maybe, I could get them written up. I invested in a Kindle Fire. It was on sale cheap at Christmas time. The plan was to get an app where I could make notes as things entered my head. Well, for some reason the screen does not respond to my fingers when it comes to letters on the keyboard. Now I can listen to music, read and other fun things so it is not a total bust but it doesn't do what I want it to do. As an added note, when I got the Fire I was looking for a Palm Pilot to do the notes on. They don't make Palm Pilots any longer. I am so far behind the curve that I may never make it to wherever it is that I am trying to go LOL! Oh, and for my other technology challenged friends. I do have a notebook that I carry everywhere with me and there are notebooks all around the house but between arthritis, lupus, neuropathy even writing a short grocery list or signing a check can be a challenge. Also, I do not understand smartphones so that is not an option right now either. Trust me I have done a lot of brainstorming in an effort to work through these "opportunities" that life has sent my way.

So here I am writing and babbling about a whole lot of nothing BUT I #amwriting and that is the whole point to this exercise. My nimble fingers are flying along the keyboard and words are managing to escape from my brain through my fingertips to the monitor!!!!! YAY!!!! How exciting is that?

The old girl is back, well sort of, and she is at least yapping about things that have come to her mind. Just so you know, my little dog is still demanding, makes messes and such. Life is physically challenging as always but as my cousin Mark says, and I paraphrase,"Any day you wake up on this side of the grass is a good day." So there you go, I may have some things that slow me down but I am able to lie on the grass(allegorically speaking, of course)rather than having to look up and contemplate the root system of a variety of weeds and grasses. It truly is a wonderful life.

My mind works a lot of the time but the brain fog still shrouds things so I may spend most of my writing time being repetitive, silly or worse. We will see. In the meantime, good morning everyone! I hope you have a simply marvelous day.

Ciao babes!


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