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An Ode To Pickle Juice #amwriting

Yeah, yeah, yeah...it's not really an ode...not even close it is just my crappy little blog post but I liked the title so there you go. LOL! Most of you know that I am more than a little weird...you know as in "out there weird" or "not the girl  you want to take home to meet mama" and it isn't because she's a little bit of a tart but because she has an aluminum foil beanie that she wears most of the time. I mean I have always been my own special little somebody.

One of the many facets of my extreme weirdness is that I like to drink pickle and olive juice. I like to drink them a LOT! This started when I was very young and at the age of 60 it is still somethng that I enjoy. When I was a kid my mom would let me drink pickle and olive juice when all of the goodies were gone. I could count on juice from black olives at every holiday. Mmm...hmm!!!!

My friends, it seems that with pickle juice, at least, I was a trendsetter. Who'd have thunk it? Little old me the pickle and olive juice guzzler.

It seems that athletes use pickle juice to alleviate cramps during and after exercise. Yeppers, that's right pickle juice for cramps. I learned about this totally by accident on Amazon. Pickle juice is sold in shots like the energy drinks and Best Maid pickles will even sell you a gallon jug of their pickle juice. Heck, why do people have to go buy pickle juice? Don't they have some in their refrigerators? If they don't they should. I mean goodness gracious, you can buy a whole tasty, tasty, tasty jar of pickles for what two shots would cost you. Then you'd have the pickles AND the juice. It would be a lot more that two shots worth too. This is madness...buying pickle juice without the pickles.

Now, not just any pickle juice will do. The best is from plain old dill pickles. Hey, that is even better. I am a connoisseur of pickles and pickle juice. Well, at least the less expensive varieties any hoo! I can get a GALLON of Kroger brand dill pickles for less than six bucks. That is a GALLON of some mighty tasty and crisp pickles for less than six bucks. My friends think of all of the shots of pickles you could get from that gallon of pickles plus some yummo pickles to boot.

So now you are in the know. Your weirdo compadre was a health and fitness trendsetter by drinking the very same pickle juice that in many of your families just got poured down the drain. Too bad I didn't make money off of my forward thinking ideas. LOL!

Asi I sit and write this I wonder how pickle juice would taste over ice with some hot peppers in it and a shot of vodka. Remember babes you read that idea here first. When the Manhatten bars are doing that just know that your crazy azz friend came up with the idea. Who do you think invented the Dirty Vodka Martini? Hey, it was Olive Juice Girl herself back in the 70s or 80s. Love those green olives...in fact, I might love them a little too much. Ask my friends Rosemary, Tricia and Katrina. Katrina's husband Mark has witnessed my love for the concoction too. It is a wonder
that any of them speak to me any longer.

Have a great day everyone! Buy some pickles and sample the juice. Who knows, it might just cure what ails you!

Ciao babes!


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