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On January 1st after finally sampling collard greens with bananas in them I declared "2018 The Year
for Adventure" because I felt pretty adventurous tasting what turned out to be some mighty delicious greens with
bananas slice in them. I can tell you that since that day my year has been filled with adventures of all kinds but mostly the type that most people would find as boring as watching grass grow. Not everyone has that same sense of adventure that I do.

This led me to thinking of another "A" word...ACTION!!!! Now let me tell you...this year has been FILLED with action. Again things that most people would have no interest in but I am here to tell you that there is no rest for the weary.

Every day brings a new "to-do" list, things that must be dealt with NOW and more to attend to than I can say grace over. I am not complaining at all but I could handle it if things settled down a little bit. You know, just a smidge.

I am taking care of the house and dog mostly alone, except for some assistance by Zyoh on the weekend, but a lot of our time is spent on things that are part of the "new normal" rather than the once customary. At the ripe age of 60 I am a better, if much slower, housekeeper than I have ever been before, my daddy would tell you that is not saying much, but I do work hard to try to keep things clean, mostly organized(in a way that works for me) and as uncluttered as I can considering that I am a clutter magnet. Trust me, there is a LOT of action involved in all of this. Sometimes I wonder where I get the energy to get the things done that I do, mostly because I would like to go back and tap another keg so I could get even more done.

I am trying to take better care of myself. I guess "better late than never" truly is a good motto. If I don't take care of me, nobody will and if I don't take care of me, I can't take care of Steffie and the little dog. Steffie may not be at home right now but there are still many things to take care of on her behalf. As for the little dog well, she is the Queen of the Castle and she never lets you forget it for a moment, so there is a great deal to do in order to meet the demands of Her Majesty.

I go to meetings, doctor appointments, take care of business, visit Miss Teffers and meet myself coming and going. This in the midst of never knowing what little surprise is going to gobsmack me next.

So, I stay busy in my action packed life that is filled with adventures galore even if they might seem mundane to others. I suppose that 2018 is the year of both action and adventure. I am on my journey and cannot wait to see what
awaits me next.

Ciao babes!



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