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Life's little luxuries...

Everyone has their own definition of luxury. To some it is a cruise, to others it is a day at the spa and to still others it is buying a new car. I truly would find all of these to be luxuries indeed but for now, tonight I have gotten to enjoy one of life's little luxuries that so many people take for granted.

In my new home my refrigerator has an ice maker that acutally works. That, in and of itself, is a luxury in my book. However, for this evening's moment of feeling pampered and on top of the world I got to take things a little bit furher.

This morning I made some Peach Mango herbal tea that was absoulutely yummy. I drank the entire quart that I had brewed, relishing each and every drop that I consumed. When I finished the Peach Mango tea I decided to try another flavor so this time I made Black Cherry Berry. It smelled so lovely when it finished brewing.

As I prepared to make a mug of iced Black Cherry Berry I realized that my ice still tasted of Peach Mango and I wasn't really sure how the two would mingle. Then I remembered that I have an ice bin FULL of ice just begging to be used. So with a dramatic flourish I dumped the ice from the Peach Mango tea into my kitchen sink, rinsed out my mug, filled it up with fresh ice from my freezer, poured up the new batch of herbal tea and enjoyed a sip that only tasted of Black Cherry Berry not Black Cherry Berry Peach Mango Fusion.

I felt like such a wasteral when I tossed the Peach Mango ice and such an extravagent rich bitch when I filled my mug up with fresh ice. Such a swirl of feeling tied to something so small and easily overlooked in the hub-bub of every day life. This was out of the ordinary for me though. It was out of character even but I am glad that I allowed myself to enjoy one of life's little luxuries. Maybe next time I will get all uppity and allow myself to but Charmin Toilet Tissue instead of the Scott 1K Sheet Value Tissue that isn't like sandpaper but isn't as soft as it could be. If I decide
to talke the plunge and buy Charmin that will be an extravagent action indeed worthy of being reported on the 5 o'clock news with footage of me leaving the grocery store to capture the moment for posterity's sake.

I know...I am such a goofball, but really it will deserve at least a mention by Craig O'Neill and Denise Middleton. Don't you think?

Ciao babes!



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