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The Reprisal of the Disinherited

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Pursuant to the wishes of Mr. Quincy in his will the proceeds of his estate were distributed evenly among his latest wife and four of his six children. Two of his children were conspicuously left out of his will and there was a clause that would negate any efforts that might impel them to vanquish the will as it was written for it would repel their right to use the family estates as needed during their lifetimes even though they did not own any part of these estates nor would they be able to pass them or their use on to their heirs at the time of their deaths.

Miss Linda Quincy felt that her father's untimely death and her disinheritance without explanation sullied her good name and she wondered at what had caused her father to treat her so. Even though she would have use of the family estates for her lifetime she would never feel comfortable visiting them or staying in them as they now belonged either to her father's last wife, Kate or her siblings from whom she was estranged.

Linda decided to contact a mystic to see if she could divine some answers as to why she had been disinherited as the will did not provide any explanation. Linda did ask her brother Randall who had also been disinherited by their father if he wanted to accompany to the visit with the mystic but he was simply resigned to the fact that his father had been a moody bastard who used his power and money to manipulate people and Randall knew that because he had never played his father's games he had been left our of any inheritance from the estate. Randall was angry but not surprised as was Linda. Actually Randall was shocked that Linda had been disinherited as she allowed their father to manipulate her with impunity.

Madame Clara the mystic consulted by Linda talked about the day the cancer nodules had been found in Linda's father Laurence Quincy and how he had felt that Linda's response had been too muted and it was at that time that he wrote her out of his will. It was reprisal for her trying to control her feelings so that she could be of support to her father that he had stricken her from the will and because he had died so quickly and in such an untimely manner he had not had time to correct his error for Linda had been the only one of his children to really support he and Kate as the cancer ravaged his body so quickly.

The mystic advised Linda to explore the sandy loam in the gardens of the family vacation cottage before anyone else would be at their during the vacation season. Madame Clara gave very specific instructions to Linda on where to look.

Linda followed this advice and found several gold ingots worth a fortune buried in the garden. In all she had garnered a fortune bigger than that left to her useless siblings or her father's widow. She never told anyone about the gold and lived her life simply as if she were not rich so that no one would ever suspect anything. It was a lovely reparation as her father had never mentioned a collection of gold so no one would wonder what happened to the ingots. In a reasonable amount of time she helped Randall with some debts but it was done in such a way that it looked like Linda had just earned some bonuses at work.

In the end, Linda had become the richest of them all. Her reprisal was complete and she compensated Madame Clara very well although she never told her what bounty she had found.

Linda lived a happy life indeed.



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