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No sprechen Deutsches...

I wake up far too freakin' early because my bladder decides to play "Reveille" and trust me the bladder must be obeyed or else. Well, as I am trying to get out of my covers and run to the restroom I manage to get my house shoes on, heaven forbid the diabetic should run through the house without shoes, but don't make it to getting clothes or glasses. 

Now I am not worried about the clothes, I am a nudist at heart but not having the glasses is driving me nuts.  I finally get through in the loo, grab my glasses and contemplate that I would fit into all of the bad jokes about European nudist resorts and them being filled with fat German tourists. I pretty much look like a tubby German peasant. I am four or five generations down from my German relatives that immigrated to the United States but let me tell you about German genes. They are hardy and will whip the tar out of other cultural predispositions most of the time. My great-grandfather and grandfather were only children, they look German. My father had 4 siblings, he and 2 of the other siblings look German. My father had three children, 2 of us look like we just got off of the boat. I have one child he looks just like his four great grandfather who was just one or two generations from our original German born ancestors. When I say the German genes are strong I am serious.

My great-grandfather, grandfather, father nor I married anyone with any German ancestry to speak of, so the genes had to be strong to carry through. Now we are not Aryan nation progenitors of the "master race" Germans, we are the happy fat peasants who work the fields and tend the ox or whatever. We would have either been killed off if WWII had gone differently or primarily sterilized (wouldn't want us breeding too much) and lobotomized in our cribs so we would be happy little worker bees who would keep "the machine and country" going. Ah but I digress, this isn't about Aryan nations and "master races" this is about happy German nudists and the beaches where we can revel in our nakedness.

As I said before, I would fit right in with the stereotype of the fat German tourists except I'd be having to say, "Willkommen, no sprechen Deutsches," smile a lot and enjoy the fact that I could run around "nekkid as a jay bird" with people who in theory look a lot like me. What a joy that would be for this little nudist at heart! I would however, have to keep my glasses on and some flip flops. I'd be good to go!

Ciao! or should that be "Auf Wiedersehen!"


Aug. 22nd, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
I totally understand about the bladder, as I've had a recent tiff with "or else." The bladder won.

I think my parents killed the nudist in me. And the best I did here was to get roomie relaxed enough to realize she doesn't need to wear a bra around me. (I don't wear one when I'm at home at home, why should she?) Yesterday she took hers off through her sleeve while she was talking to me. ;)

Though I have the portly German genes, when I was in France the French seemed to think I looked like them and I tended to agree. My portly genes weren't in evidence at the time, however. If I ever get my pics out of storage, I should show you.

Aug. 22nd, 2010 03:10 pm (UTC)
your German genes are NOT obvious...
You are one of the lucky ones who managed to not end up with the German peasant look. Celebrate and rejoice! My brother didn't either and he has great cheekbones like you do. Lucky to both of you!




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