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Moldy Old Dodger Dogs...

I get crazy in the middle of the night, actually, I should say that I get crazier than usual. I have a goofy sense of humor and I am always hungry. I can go all day without eating because I am not hungry but let it get to be midnight thirty and it is time to put the feedbag on. This is also about the time that Taco Bell starts advertising "Fourth Meal" on Twitter and Facebook. Scoundrels!!!! They know I am on line and hungry, they make it worse for me.

I always start whining about wanting to go to Taco Bell, now let us not forget that I don't have the money to go to Taco Bell, I still wanna' go. It is my given right to fuss about wanting Volcano Nachos that I feel are being withheld from me even though I can't afford to go get them, much less do I really want to leave the house at one in the morning! However, Miss Teffers my roommate has to listen to the nightly lament about my desire to go get some food in the middle of the night, especially when there is nothing at home to eat. Okay, there may have been can of pumpkin but that just wasn't answering my call of the wild like some tacos or burritos would do! The lentils would have taken too long to cook. I don't keep junk food in the house because my body is MADE for "Fourth Meal," even if it doesn't come from Taco Bell.

Well, last night we ate dinner particularly early for us, dinner time is usually between 9 pm and 11 pm around here...we keep continental hours! ;)
So when it was 2 in the morning we were hungry, I mean really hungry and there wasn't even bread for sandwiches even though we did have some bologna. Miss Teffers and I did not know if Taco Bell was open that late and we weren't REALLY inclined to leave the house. We were on the horns of a dilemma.

I did mention that we could go to the local "stab and grab" to get some moldy old Dodger Dogs but got a dirty look for my efforts. You just can't please some people when they are hungry and cranky. :(

I finally decided to cook some eggs (our brand had not been mentioned in the massive recall) and we had scrambies with english muffins. It was cheap, easy and filling...much better than Gorditas or moldy old Dodger Dogs. It was also at the house so we didn't have to risk our lives in pursuit of food. Today we are going to go get some cereal, milk and bread. I think it is the wise thing to do but I will still whine about wanting tacos sometime around one in the morning...if you listen you will hear me!



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