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more moldy Dodger Dogs and silliness...

Well, it seems that no matter how hard I try there is always one bill I manage to forget to pay. Fortunately the one that is the "winner" for this prize is the one that still has a drop box for payment in town. I wonder if there is a connection. Anyhow, Miss Teffers and I had to leave rather late this evening to go pay said bill via drop box because it was due today and tomorrow would be CUT OFF DATE!!!!! EEK!!!

Now, we had already eaten dinner before I discovered that I had failed to pay this bill but that did not stop me from asking for "moldy old Dodger Dogs" at every "stab & grab" that we passed (six). I had way too much fun doing this. I was threatened with the back seat. I mean really now, there was no call for all that!

Also on our trip we passed to "gentlemen" who were well into their cups. They thought we were going to pick them up and take them home. As if! I am more discriminating than to pick up men who get snockered on "Wild Irish Rose," "MAD Dog 20/20" or such drinks. Their hopes were dashed pretty quickly, we even ran a stop sign to avoid them. Shudder!

Shortly after that we saved the lives of a mama raccoon and her five babies who were crossing the street. When Miss Teffers stopped, all the cars behind us were forced to stop too. Yay for Miss Teffers, even if she did threaten me with the back seat over Dodger Dogs.

Later, much closer to home, there was a light change and we were free to go, when a young black man on a bicycle with no lights on it ran the red light right in front of us. Good thing Miss Teffers is a good driver because his face would have been splatted right on my windshield. It would have been a most gruesome sight. The mini-van would have creamed the bicycle and possibly the careless young man riding it.

I was glad when we got home even though our calico cat was sitting in the middle of the road. She just TRUSTS that whatever car comes through will stop for her. One of these days we will find her dead, I just know it. Bless her little pin pointed head.

In the meantime, still no Dodger Dogs, we didn't make it to the grocery store either. Maybe I can pick up some non-moldy Dodger Dogs in the freezer section tomorrow. Sounds like a great dinner, Dodger Dogs and French Fries, yep, a heart attack on a plate.




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