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Well it has been an interesting day...

Around 2 am yesterday (Sunday) our sewer decided to act up...oh yes, oh rapture, oh glory, 2 in the morning when someone is being very sick in the loo, the sewer revolts. Early in the morning (for me) I go outside, look for um...you know "sewer stuff" don't see any despite having heard water run under the house in the middle of the night. I don't even smell anything out of place. I have my roomie run the bathtub (this will activate your sewer, take it from me, I learned it from an expert) and while I didn't see anything the smell was pretty horrid. Did I say horrid, I mean, fire and brimstone NASTY! I had her turn off the bathtub.

I decided since nothing was bubbling up in the drains (thank goodness) and we could use the loo, that we would wait until Monday to get the sewer "roto-rooted" so that we wouldn't have to pay weekend rates. I borrowed money to PAY for said rooter services and am now waiting anxiously for Monday morning business hours so that I can call Roto-Rooter and get this taken care of.

I am seriously afraid that I have a broken sewer pipe somewhere because even though I couldn't SEE anything I could smell the deathly demon smell from the far reaches of hell and KNOW that this isn't right. UGH!

So now I wait, patiently unable to shower for fear of angering the sewer gremlins and having nastiness in my bathtub. BARF!

I hope the fix is fairly painless but will not know until tomorrow (later today actually). The suspense is making my ulcer act up. Thank heavens for Alka-Seltzer and Zantac.




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Oct. 12th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
That is EXACTLY what we thought when we got up Sunday Am with no water - wait til Monday - not have to pay emergency rates - hope for a quick fix - oh no. The pump was done. Finished. Had gone to it's resting place, leaving only the shell of it's former self. Thousands of dollars later - we have water again. . . . Hope it's not too expensive to dig up and replace your line Ardee. Love you!!!
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